Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011... Over Already!

How is it we are already at the close of yet another year? They are going by so fast! I can remember what we were doing last New Year's. 2011 was a great year and I hope 2012 is only better. The only thing I can say is I wish time would slow down some. The years are flying by at warp speed! Here are just a few things that happened in 2011:

-We joined our church we had been going too off and on for over 2 years in January
-Me and Ben celebrated 8 years of marriage in May
-Emma turned 4 in June
-Brooks started Mother's Day Out this summer (I could cry, oh wait...I did)
-Emma took her first year of swim lessons
-We took our family vacation in August to Panama City Beach
-I turned 30 in August (gasp!)
-Emma started 4K & her 2nd year of dance
-Ben turned 31 in October (he's still older then me...yippeee)
-Brooks turned 2 in November

There are a lot of other things that happened on 2011 that was just a quick run down!

Here are some random pictures from my phone I thought I would share.

Hope 2011 was good to everyone and 2012 is even better!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

No kidding about the year flying by! I want 2012 to go by slowly, because I am not ready for Julia to be in K5!!! That is my biggest fear for this new year:)
By the way...I love your ruffle pants in the last picture! Where did you get them?