Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 5...Going Home!!

When I started recapping our trip I never thought it would take me the better part of 2 weeks to get it all posted. But life has been a little crazy since we've been home and I haven't had a lot of time to post. I'm even behind in reading blogs. Anyway, the last morning we had to get up extra early to go to the airport. It's always bittersweet to end a vacation but by this point we were all ready to be home so we could get some rest. And we all missed Brooks SO VERY MUCH!! Here is Emma waiting to board the plane.

We volunteered for Disney's Give a Day Get a Day program and Emma wanted to wear the button home. I love this face, she was so proud of her button.

Here she is on the plane. On our flight home she did great. You'd never know it was only her 2nd time to fly.

Once we were home Emma wanted to give Brooks his prize she picked out all by herself. He loved it and still plays with it, it makes noise when you shake it!

I'm so glad I had my camera close by because the next few pictures are priceless. She truly was so excited to see him and really missed him. It was so sweet to watch them. Some are a little blurry but you can still see enough of them.

It was so nice to be home!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 4...Back to Magic Kingdom

When we went to Magic Kingdom on Thursday we really thought we'd be going to Animal Kingdom Friday and so it wasn't a big deal to go back to Magic Kingdom Saturday. However, had we known the plans were going to change we probably would have done Animal Kingdom Thursday instead. You might wander why we didn't do it Saturday, well we had dinner reservations with Winnie the Pooh and Friends inside Magic Kingdom Saturday night. So we didn't have much choice but to go back. That's ok though because Emma wanted to ride Dumbo and all the rides we rode before and she had fun all over again just like it was her first time. Here is Emma and Ben as we were waiting for the bus stop.

She's such a silly girl...

Outside Dumbo

Waiting in line to ride Dumbo like such a big girl!

Riding Dumbo

Here we are riding the carousel again...I told you we rode it alot!

Emma wanted a pink teacup and it took us running over it to get one. But she had too much fun! People were sprinting to teacups, it was hilarious!

Daddy and Emma waving to Mickey.

Riding the race cars.

And then we were off to have dinner with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Emma did much better then I thought she would. She didn't get her picture taken but by the end she was sersiouly considering it. She waved to them all and blew kisses and definitely enjoyed the meal.

Shhh...it's Tigger!!

I had my picture made with the rest as they came around trying to convince her they weren't scary but fun!!

The 3 of us after dinner.

Riding the Magic Carpet ride.

The best parade we saw. It was really good!

After that we headed back to the hotel to pack our bags to go home the next morning. Here is the last picture of Emma that night playing with the big kids back at our hotel.

I will be back tomorrow with the last day...going home! Then I guess I should play catch up from what's been going on since we've been home. Hope you all had a good weekend.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 3...Hanging Out

Friday started out with great intentions. We were going to eat some Mickey waffles, Ben and Emma were going to hang out while I worked and then we were headed to Animal Kingdom. Here is Emma that morning, ready to go to breakfast.

Emma and her Mickey waffles.

Emma hanging out in her stroller with daddy.

Ben took her to the park that was at our resort while I worked. She had a great time. It started out cooler then we thought so she chnged into her pants.

When I got off Ben and Emma met me, we went by the front desk to get discounted tickets since it was later in the day for Animal Kingdom. The lady at the front desk said it was a waste of our money because after lunch the animals go in hiding because it's so hot. So we decided to go back to the room and let Emma take a nap. I headed to the pool with Traci and we had a great time. When Emma woke up they joined us. Here she is in front of this big waterfall they had.

Emma LOVED Cameron, Charlie and Alex and so they came over to her at the pool and played in front of her. I think she could have sat there all day and actually we did stay out there till the sun went in.

Cameron, Charlie and Alex entertaining Emma. She just giggled and giggled.

Emma taking it all in like such a big girl.

That night I had to go to a party for the conference for a short while and so Ben asked Emma what she wanted to do and she said sit at the fountain. I told you she liked it! Here she is with her M & M's.

One last shot in front of the fountain before they met me. She has on a necklace that is too cute, she bought her one and me one so we could match. It was so sweet and all her idea.

Friday ended up being a day of work and hanging out at our resort but probably one of the best days we had there. By that point I think we were all tired and we all had so much fun hanging out at the pool and relaxing. Who can complain about that anyway?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2...Magic Kingdom...Part 2

Sorry I'm just now getting back to posting. Last week was crazy busy and then I got sick and had to work some this weekend and so blogging got put to the side. Anyway, here is the rest of day 2. I should have ended my last post with this picture but this is me and Emma outside the front of Magic Kingdom. She wasn't real happy here because we had to leave so I could go work.

When we were leaving earlier in the day they were doing the show in the front of the castle and she wanted to see it. We got back just in time for the last show and so we camped out right in front to get a good seat. Here is Emma waiting on it to begin.

It was a great show and they brought out almost everyone you could think of. She loved it.

It's Mickey!!!

The whole gang minus Daisy and Pluto, she kept saying I bet Daisy and Pluto are going to join the party. It was too cute.

Snow White makes her debut!

It's Rella Rella as Emma calls her! She can actually say Cinderella now, however, when she was younger we had an ice pack for boo boo's with Cinderella on it and she called it Rella Rella. So to her there was Rella Rella on stage!

Here is Emma outside the teacup ride.

Here she is waiting in line to ride the teacups. She was so excited. I didn't get a good picture of her riding but I know we did on Saturday when we went back so I will post it later.

The castle at night. It was so pretty and changed colors every few minutes.

Me and Emma riding the carousel one last time before we left.

Mickey in the parade they had that night. We were trying so hard to make it for the fireworks but it just wasn't going to happen. I think we were all exhausted at this point.

Waiting on the school bus to take us back "home". Do you think she looks tired?

We had a great "1st" day at Magic Kingdom and made memories that will last a lifetime. We'll for sure have to go back when Brooks is older and they can both enjoy it together.