Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2...Magic Kingdom...Part 1

Another long post...sorry! I should have included in my post yesterday that Emma brought me a piece of paper Wednesday night that was in our room and I asked her what that was, she said the castle, I want to take it home. Then she turned around and handed me a piece of the package a cookie was in that had Minnie on it. I asked her what that was for and she said she wanted to take it home also. Made my heart melt, the innocence of a child and how she wanted those 2 things to remember Disney World by (don't think I left them there because I didn't...what was trash to someone else was the world to my Emma Bean so I brought them home for her book). I told Ben about it when he got out of the shower and so he was talking to her as he was getting ready that night and told her all about Walt Disney and how he made Disney World just for little kids and went on and on and she stopped him halfway through and said can we call Walt. He said no we can't call him why sweetie, and she said because I wanted to tell him thank you for making Disney World. I could have cried right there!

Day 2 was a long fun day so I guess it's fitting that it needs 2 posts. Remember I went for work so I had to work as well. Thank goodness the park opened early while we were there and we took full advantage. My feet hit the ground running at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning and didn't stop till after 10 that night. But it was well worth it. I know I could probably cut the pictures short and fit it in 1 but I don't want to forget any of it.

Here she is waiting on the school bus! I think the pictures give away how excited she was.

Eating her protein bar on the way to Magic Kingdom. I eat Southbeach Peanut Butter cereal protein bars and she really likes them and asks for them all the time.

Our first picture in front of the castle...she was in awe.

Here she is riding the carousel.

Playing inside Winnie the Pooh's treehouse.

Sliding down Pooh & Tigger's slide.

This is the best picture I got inside It's A Small World since we were moving the entire time.

Dumbo was actually the first ride we rode. She was so excited at first and then she started fussing saying she didn't want to do it and we listened to that for 20 minutes in line. When we got through riding Dumbo she said she wanted to do it again!! I told her she would love it. We didn't get a picture in the ride but they have a Dumbo set up outside the ride for photo opps...thank goodness!! I asked her when we got home what her favorite ride was and she said Dumbo! Sometimes they just need a little nudge to do something they don't think is fun to realize mommy and daddy are right!

Emma and Daddy in Minnie's living room.

Outside Minnie's mailbox and house.

Emma loved the train that took you all around Magic Kingdom.

You can't visit Minnie's house and not check out Mickey's since it is right next door. We just took a train ride in between because the train showed up right when we walked out of Minnie's house.

Mickey's bedroom

Mickey's living room

Mickey's kitchen

The first thing she said when we went out back was where is Pluto...and here was his house. She climbed the fence trying to go find him and we had to get her. It was too funny. You can tell she's not happy with us in this picture. We had just gotten her to come back over the fence.

Some more pictures of Emma in Mickey's backyard.

We can't have a picture outside Minnie's mailbox and not have one outside Mickey's.

I'll be back tomorrow for part 2.



Amy said...

I love her outfit! She looks like she had a wonderful time. Love the story about Walt Disney- I would like to thank him too!

Amber said...

So cute! I am amazed at what our almost 3 year olds say and that they know so much more than we think. I'm so glad she had a great time!

Melissa said...

I love that outfit and the pics! Glad yall had a great time.