Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving this year. We got up, Ben cooked breakfast and we watched the parade and played. Later that afternoon we went to Ben's mom's house to eat. My mom, Lee, Will and Melissa came over. We had a great time! Sadly, the only pictures I got were of us in our matching shirts. I got this idea off Pinterest (my new obsession) and made the kids one and then came up with the "mommy" shirt. I think they turned out really cute! I've already bought the fabric for our Christmas "hand" shirts!

My mom joined in for a picture but Brooks was pretty over pictures at this point!

There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. I am most thankful for my sweet, sweet babies, my very loving hubby and the rest of my family and friends. Without them all in my life I don't know what I would do!

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey, turkey, turkey...please come out and play!

Last Tuesday we had Emma & Brooks' Thanksgiving program at school. It wasn't Brooks' regular school day so he didn't end up doing it because he didn't want to leave his Nana's side to go up front with the rest of the kiddos. Emma did a great job and we were SO PROUD of her. The 4 year old class was dressed as Indians. Here are some pictures...

The cutest little Indian I've ever seen!

Sweet friends...

Me, Emma and Miss Sam...oh how I love her! She will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart! We are so sad to see her leave in December!

Eating lunch, Addi, Emma and Roxana

Brooks was present but wanted no part of pictures. Here are a few of him snacking! We wanted to see him sing so bad because he's been practicing all the songs at home with Emma but no such luck. At least we've gotten to hear them at home!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My own recipe...

Monday night I was going to make one of our favorite meals, poppy seed chicken, only to realize we had no sourcream. It's really the easiest recipe I know and have. You cook your chicken, then cut it up, mix it with cream of chicken soup and 8 oz of sour cream and then crumble crackers on top and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. However, I had already cooked the chicken, cut it up and got the cream of chicken out when I realized I had no sour cream. Ooopppsss...I forgot to put it on the list this week! So I had to think of something. I realized I did have Campbells Cheddar Soup and then remembered I had bought stuff for another recipe I wanted to try a few weeks ago but it required sour cream as well. So I decided to mix the Cheddar Soup with the Cream of Chicken. It wasn't bad just a little bland so I got out the ranch dressing mix I had and added it and then crumbled crackers on top and baked it like I do poppy seed chicken. Oh my was delicious!!! I served it over rice (again just like poppy seed chicken). Everyone in our house loved it and we'll definitely be eating it again. I just thought I'd share in case you wanted to try something new.


Brooks' 2 year check up

This past Friday we went for Brooks' 2 year checkup. I thought he had to get shots so I took Ben along for the ride only to find out he's done till he's 5. Every doctor's office is different I am finding though, but I am thankful it's a while before he should get any more. Also, since he was 2 he got to get the flu mist like Emma. He wasn't too crazy about that though! At the end of the checkup they did have to prick his finger and he's just like his momma was at that age and HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Here are his stats from the checkup:

He weighs 25 lbs 6 1/2 oz and that puts him in the 20% for weight. He was only at 10%for his weight last checkup so this was great news. I was actually concerned he might have went down in % but thankfully he did not. He just doesn't eat much!!

He is 35 inches tall and that puts him in the 75% for height. The doctor says he'll probably be around 5'11" to 6 feet tall! I always find it funny to me that my kids are so tall yet I feel so short! I'm 5'3 at best and their daddy is only about 5'9"! But after doing some research (past our parents and grandparents) in both our families we found out there are some taller people they could have gotten this from! I'm just thankful they will both be taller then me! ;)

We had to fill out at 24 month questionnaire and Brooks passed with flying colors. He could score a 60 and he did. We had a great checkup and hopefully we won't be back in the doctor's office anytime soon!


Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Present Time...

If you missed the post about Brooks' 2nd birthday party, you can read it here. He didn't want to stop to open presents at the party so it's the first thing we did when we got home.

It's puzzles

As you can see he is very loved. I didn't even get pictures of everything he got because I kept having to stop to "open" this right now as Brooks would say. Thank you again to all our sweet family and friends!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Man's 2nd Birthday Party

This past Saturday morning we celebrated with friends and family for Brooks' 2nd birthday. His FAVORITE place to go is A Play Place so it seemed fitting to have his party there. He likes to refer to it as the jump jump place. He's in LOVE with Barney so what better theme to use to celebrate!

Brooks before the party started

Here is a shot of the back of his shirt. My friend Shannon did the shirt for me and it turned out so cute. With both of our minds working together we put this idea together!

The cupcakes look blue in the picture but they are dark purple indeed. I decided to try and be creative and make a B with it. I think it turned out!

Party favors this year were coloring books we made with crayons and some candy. We put I love you on the front because that's Barney's theme song!

Family Shot

Play time

Miss Braegan

Jessica & Katelyn

Julia & Brooks

Brooks thought it was funny to go down backwards


Drew & Jacob

Jackson, our youngest little friend! I could eat him to pieces.


Olivia & Kristen

The birthday boy

Sliding on his belly

Emma, Harper & Katelyn

Waiting on cake

He's not so sure here he likes everyone singing to him, lol!

All the kiddos

Studying his cupcake

After cake they had time to play again, here is Henley & Emma getting ready to slide

Our attempt at a group shot that mommy had to be in!

Brooks didn't open presents when he was there, there was too much going on so I'll be back with another post of him and his presents!

I'd say he had a great birthday and we are so blessed to have such sweet, precious friends and family to celebrate fun times like this! We love you all!