Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Blog Book...

A few weeks ago I was reading another blog and ran across a website that takes your blog and turns into a book. I don't know why I didn't know this existed but I didn't. I was literally fixing to start printing it off and putting it in a binder. I'm so glad I had not started doing this yet. I will now print my blog off each year that I continue to do it so that Brooks & Emma can keep it. You can take out things you don't want or add pictures if you want too. The good thing is you don't have to change anything if you don't want too (like moving pictures around, etc). Since I'm printing it as a book for them I just deleted posts that didn't have anything to do with them. Here are some pictures of my book.

Here is the front:

Somewhere in the middle...

And the back of the book.

It said it would take a while to come in (like 3 weeks) but it didn't take that long at all. I think shipping was even free I can't remember now. If you are interested in doing one yourself, check out their site.

I hope your all having a great week!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Say What Wednesday...

I was reading a friends blog and saw her post for Say What Wednesday and decided I had to participate. Tuesday morning Emma woke up at 5:30...that's really early for her. I was in the bathroom getting ready for work (I have to be at work at 7) and this is our conversation.

Emma: mommy why do you have to go to work?

Me: Emma do you remember the bouncy ball I bought you Sunday and the belts and all the other stuff I get you all the time?

Emma: yes

Me: Well I have to go to work so I can make money to buy you all those fun things.

Emma: I have money in my piggy bank.

Me: you sure do

Emma: you can have my money mommy

Me: that is so sweet Emma but I can't take your money and besides I think we need a lot more then what's in your piggy bank for mommy not to work.

Emma: but it's really heavy and I can use my money to buy you some money

Me: laughing, Emma that is so sweet, I just wish it were that easy because if it were we'd have lots of it and so would everyone else

Emma: (barely stopping to hear what I said above) and I can buy you a pink piggy bank just like me and daddy a blue one because daddy is a boy

Me: still laughing and said yes daddy is a boy

She then got sidetracked playing. I thought that was the sweetest conversation...if she only knew. It's moments like these that make you stop and think about how innocent kids really are. It's absolutely priceless!

Hope your all having a great Wednesday...we're halfway to the weekend.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wine'd Down

Friday night our girls night group went to Wine'd Down for a wine tasting and live music. We had the BEST time!! Here are some pictures from the night.

Amber and Ashley

Amy and Mycalee

Me and Leah

Me and Amy

Mycalee and Amber

All the girls...

All the girls with wine guy! He was the one doing the wine tasting and by the end of the night we had made friends with him.

The drinks were good, the band was great and the company was AWESOME!! But then it's never anything less than awesome with these girls! I love you girls!


Monday, May 10, 2010

7 years...

7 years ago today I was getting ready to marry my best friend. I can not believe that it has been 7 years! I can remember the day like it was yesterday, that morning what I was doing when I got up, when we got to the church, pictures, the wedding cermony itself, the flat tire we had when we left the church to go to the reception (I know crazy huh...) and then our awesome reception that followed. Here are a few pictures from our special day.

We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was amazing! I just wish now that's where we were heading!! Ben, I love you more then you will ever know! We've had 7 great years together and I can't wait to have many, many more with you.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

I woke up this morning to both kids sleeping late...they must have known it was Mother's Day and I'd like to sleep a little while. When Emma got up she gave me her goodies she made at school. They are ABSOLUTELY precious!! Miss Sam never fails us on her creativity. Here are some pictures.

My flower had kisses in it...so sweet!

Here is Brooks grinning and saying da da the entire time they are giving me their stuff! I know he really means ma ma!! :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Mother's Day!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brooks is 6 Months old...

I can not believe my sweet baby boy is 6 months old...that's half a year...where has the time gone? He's absolutely the sweetest thing and I could just eat him up from head to toe. I can't wait to get home each day and give him kisses and hugs and Emma kisses and hugs. They are most definitely what make me keep going!! Here is what you are up to these days Brooks.

You wear size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes.

You take 6 oz of formula every 3 to 4 hours.

You eat a fruit in the morning and a veggie and fruit at night, although if I don't feed you early enough you aren't interested at all.

Last week you learned to scoot and it's the cutest thing ever, each day you can move faster and faster. You can get yourself up on all fours but don't know quite what to do yet, just tonight you tried to crawl and fell on your belly so it won't be long.

You can sit up unassisted now. I will sit you in the floor and you will play and play.

You sleep from 8 at night to 6 in the morning (most of the time). We feed you around 9 every night but we have to wake you up to do that.

I swear you have said da da a couple of times now but I'm the only one around to hear it.

You are so ticklish all over and will just giggle and giggle.

You are a momma's boy and I love it but nothing beats your sister, you light up and squeal everytime you see her or she gets close. I hope you and her are best friends one day.When I told Emma today you were 6 months old she immediately started singing Happy Birthday to you and so did I and you just grinned the entire time!!

We love you so, so, so much Brooks!!