Monday, August 31, 2009


I almost forgot to include a picture of the wreath I made for the hospital and then for his room when he gets home. I think it turned out really cute!

Also, this was what I made for all the hostesses of my tea as a thank you! I think they turned out really cute. This is the front view.

And here is the side so you can see the stripes I did as well. Every now and then I get really creative (it's just not with me all the time) and now is one of those times. I guess it's all from re-doing Emma's room and doing Brooks' nursery!

Happy Monday!

Brooks' Baby Tea

My sweet, sweet friends (I think of them as family though) threw me a baby tea Sunday for Brooks. The weather was crummy but that didn't keep us from having a good time. Everything turned out so pretty and we got a lot of cute stuff. Here are some pictures from the tea.

The cake...for some reason it's the only picture I got of the food.

The onesies on the fireplace.

Here is a picture of me and Emma. She had the flu mist on Friday and had done fine all weekend but of course woke up Sunday morning with a fever so she wasn't her normal energetic self.

All the girls that hosted the tea.

The gifts. The double stroller is what my hostesses gave me. I love it, thank you all so much!

I didn't realize this picture of more gifts was blurry! I might have more to post later on anyway.

This was once we got home. Emma was so excited about the stroller she wanted to get in and then wanted us to take her picture of her and Papa Bear. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES that bear. Can you tell he's even got her old clothes on.

She got a few presents at the tea as well. This was one of them and once again she was ready for a picture.

I don't want to forget to post about Girls Night Out which was Friday night! They celebrated my birthday and gave me a baby gift as well even though most of them were helping with my tea and the ones who were not were coming. I got a gift certificate to a spa here (our Girls Night group is going in January after all the babies come for a 1/2 day so this will go towards that) for my birthday. Here are 2 pictures that Amber gave me.

Hope you enjoy!

Pictures of Emma's Room

So we finally have her room finished. We didn't have to do much to it because we used pink and green again (which is what we used when she had her crib) but I wanted something different above her bed and some new curtains so that's what I had been shopping for and waiting on. She loves her new furniture and so do I. I'm so glad I got her new furniture!

This is what you see from the door. She's so cute here, hair still messy and holding Brooks' giraffe! I could just eat her up.

Here is her bed. I made the euro shams behind the regular shams and the decorative pillow that's green and white polka dot on her bed as well to go with her bedding. Ben did the canvas above it. It's 24 x 24 and it turned out awesome. I copied one I saw online that was 20 x 20 and they wanted $80 for it. I think it looks the same.

Here was the inspiration for the canvas above her bed. Just scroll down and you can see the entire picture. I think he did a pretty good job, what do you think?

This is the wall right when you walk into her room on the right going to her closet.

Her dresser and bookcase.

Her chest with her ABC picture I painted for her when I was pregnant with her.

And that finishes up a tour of her room! I left the lights off because with them on the color wasn't turning out very well!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work Baby Shower

My work threw me a surprise baby shower today and boy was I surprised. They caught me COMPLETELY off guard and I cried! I don't have pictures right now but they are going to get them to me and I'll post them. It's actually a funny story on how they were able to pull it off. Our bathrooms are in our auditorium and when I got back to lunch one of the girls told me that they were turning the water off to the bathroom at 1:30 so after that I'd have to go upstairs. She didn't know if I had "gotten" the email telling me this since I was lunch. I told her no but I'd go ahead and go (a pregnant girl can always go to the bathroom). In the meantime I think everyone else came and told me to use the bathroom before 1:30 and I started to chuckle each time. I finally went and that was that. I get back and have an email saying we have a quick meeting at 2. Of course anytime it's not one of our "planned" staff meetings you know something is up so I promptly call my boss and ask her if we're in trouble again. She laughed and said probably. I still have no idea what's going on. Then it's close to 2 and she comes down to my desk and starts talking to me about how Emma is doing with Mother's Day Out. Everyone is going to the "meeting" but us. I asked her at one point if we should go and she said sure in just a second. Still have no clue! We then walk the back way to the auditorium and I tried to go in the back door and she said we'll go this way (to walk around to the front) and I just followed not thinking a thing. I open the doors and they said surprise and of course we're taking pictures and so flashes were going off. I can't wait to see these! I was SO TOUCHED by their thoughtfulness I cried. Once I got it together we all had a good laugh because then I realized the string of events today that I should have picked up on but did not. I also realized the bathrooms were not being worked on they just needed a way to keep me out and knew I was constantly in there! I have to admit I've never been that surprised in my life so I have to give them a BIG THUMBS UP! We played games, ate cake and petit fours, had punch and opened presents! They got me some great stuff and hopefully I'll have the pictures to go along with it. I got a monitor, a hamper, a fleece blanket with giraffe, pack of receiving blankets, 2 outfits, a monkey, a crib sheet, crib sheet saver and 4 handmade burp cloths my big boss who retired made for me. All very good stuff and so so sweet! Anyway, I thought I'd share my story so I don't forget anything!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

29 Weeks...

Not much to share today but my 29 week belly picture!

Friday we're going for our 4-D ultrasound and we're excited about that. We did it with Emma and it was a really awesome experience. Hopefully I can get them scanned to share on here. We'll see! Also on Friday I'm taking Emma to get her flu shot, I hate to do it but it's a must! Hopefully they will have the mist and we can do it but if not we'll do that shot. Anything to help her not get it if possible we'll do!

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Southern Living...1 Year for $5

This is my 2nd post of the day but I had to post about it. I was reading Trina's blog and she posted about a great deal. Right now you can go to Amazon and order a 1 year subscription to Southern Living for $5. Some of you may be into it and some may not but either way that is an AWESOME deal. I just purchased it and it is truly $5. Anyway I thought I'd share. They have great recipes and great ideas in it and for $5 I just could not pass it up!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

This weekend recap...

What a weekend! It started Friday when me and Emma met Shannon and Harper for lunch at Chick Fil A. We then went shopping for fabric and that was lots of fun. That night me, Shannon and Amy went to the BAMOM sale. It happens twice a year and this was our first time to go. To say it was madness is an understatement. We got there right after 6 which was when it opened to the public for people with invitations. We pulled up and I think we were immediately intimadated. There was a line already and we had to drive around the building to find a place to park. But when got in line it moved fast, however once inside it's like where do you begin! It was crazy! I did find some GREAT stuff and of course spent more then either Amy or Shannon. I got Brooks an adorable Christmas outfit that looks brand new to go with Emma's Christmas dress I got her from Strasburg's back in January. I think they'll look precious together. Then I was able to get her the cutest outfit for next fall (I know that is a ways away) but I just couldn't resist. I also got her 2 more things and him 2 more things (1 with tags still on it). So I'd say it was worth the time and effort.

Saturday I did MAJOR cleaning in our downstairs playroom/man room as Ben calls it. I had stuff everywhere from Kids Market and so I spent the better half of the morning cleaning it up. I was FINALLY able to take all my stuff to Kids Market, although I ran out of safety pins again. I ended up taking 140 items, so hopefully I'll make something and it will be worth all my time. We'll see! That sale opens to the public September 21st by the way if you are interested and runs for 2 weeks.

Sunday was my birthday! It was a great day! Everyone remembered my birthday, I got calls and text messages and emails all day wishing me a happy birthday. I felt so loved! Thank you all! Sunday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday and it was YUMMY! Although I think I could make a meal just off their cheesecake! It was a great day! Here is a picture of what Ben and Emma got me for my birthday.

My new Coach purse...

And a new bag to carry my shoes back and forth in to work (I wear flip flops then change once I get to work or if it's raining wear tennis shoes then change when I get here)...

While I was taking a picture of it Emma decided she wanted to take a picture of her 2 new bags. I had tried last week to get a picture of them and her but she wasn't interested. Yesterday morning however she was. She looks so cute I could just eat her up! She looks like such a big girl here.

Emma and her new backpack!

And while we're speaking of gifts, we got a baby gift in the mail last week from friends that couldn't come to the tea this weekend coming up. I don't know if Mandy reads our blog or not but just in case thank you Mandy, Gary and Ella! This blanket is so soft. Emma knew immediately this was for Baby Brooks!

I think I've covered this weekend for the most part!

I hope you all have a great day!

I'm a week behind...

Here are a few pictures from weekend before last at the lake. Amy, Mark, Leah and Dustin came up for the day. We had a LOT of fun! Here is me, Leah and Amy.

On our 3 hour boat ride we came across this house boat and they were singing on top and dancing, having a good time! We had to take their picture. They sang pretty well too!

Once we got back Emma was up from her nap and she wanted to feed the ducks. These ducks will almost eat out of your hand. I actually got 1 to eat out of mine but of course didn't have the camera. I then got it and couldn't find him among them all to take a picture of him doing it. Emma LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the ducks and loves feeding them! Here she is waiting on them to come up to her.

Here they all come!

Here she is bringing mommy some bread to feed them too!

All done now, she's waving bye to them! So cute!!

Isn't she just the cutest! I love her so much.

Dustin might kill me for this picture, but I had to put it on here. This is Leah's husband and they just got married (I was in the wedding and posted about it not long ago). Ever since their wedding Emma has talked about Leah and Dustin getting married and told us she was getting married and when we asked her who she was marrying she always responds with Dustin. It's too cute. So while they were there she was able to coax him into her house to play with him! He sure was a good trooper and I can already tell he'll make a GREAT daddy one day! No pressure Leah! :)

After she got through feeding the ducks and playing with Dustin she wanted to go on a boatride so just the girls went. Here she is as we're pulling back in while the guys were cooking. She loves the boat (much different then last summer when she hated it because of the life jacket she had to wear then).

I think that about wraps up our day last weekend at the lake. This post ended up being longer then I thought so I'll post tomorrow about this weekend and my BIRTHDAY! :)

I'll leave yall with a picture of Chloe, Leah and Dustin's new yorkie! She's doing what I wish I was doing right now!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seriously you just asked me what...

Ok so I know this is my 2nd post of the day but I just COULD NOT resist. It is funny, and I thought you would all get a chuckle but at the same time there is a moral to this story. I've talked about this before...all the strange comments I've had this pregnancy. Well today just tops it off! I came back in from lunch at work and it was raining and I didn't have my umbrella so I parked my car and came in to borrow one so I wouldn't get a parking ticket. I go back out to move my car and there is a lady standing outside our office. When I come back in from moving my car she's still there and stops me and says when are you due? I said November 11. She looked at my belly then looked at me and said are you having twins? Excuse me while I just register what you asked me. Are you freaking kidding me? Last I checked I looked pregnant but not pregnant with TWINS. I said no, I have about 11 weeks to go (that's not that long and I guess I wanted her to realize that) and she looked at my belly and with big eyes said OH! I just turned around and walked inside. I wanted to slap her upside her head. I'm sorry but last I checked that's not a compliment. So here I am on my soap box again, but seriously if you don't know if someone is pregnant or if you know they are and you think they are huge (which I want to say everyone, my belly is measuring exactly the weeks that I am or at least it was last week at the doctor but that's beside the point), just don't say anything at all. Apparently that's better then trying to think of something nice to say so I'm just throwing that out the window all together. Keep your opinions to yourself and your mouth shut! Ok I'm done venting now and I'm sure I gave you all a chuckle. :)

Is this week really not over yet?

It was a GREAT First Day!!

I went to pick Emma up from her first day yesterday and the teacher said she did great! She said she was her little shadow all day and when they walked in a line downstairs she was the line leader. I was so proud of her. I just could not have asked for a better first day. I hope tomorrow goes as good as yesterday! She thought she was going back today and was excited but I told her it was Thursday. She's already been talking about going back this morning. When we left I decided to treat her to ice cream since she was such a big girl yesterday and she told me all about her day. Here is a picture Ben took after he got her dressed yesterday. I told him I was going to have to show him how to fix her hair and he laughed. I thought by now he knew how picky I was! :)

As you can tell she's walking around, she won't be still for anything, especially pictures right now! We got a few more but this was probably best one. Clearly, she was a big girl yesterday while mommy was not!

Today I'm 28 weeks, here is my weekly picture.

I thought I'd have pictures from the weekend with me as well but I don't. Maybe I can post them tomorrow. I have been working hard on all my stuff for Kids Market and Mom. I've been up late the last few nights because of it. I have an appointment today to take my stuff since I have so much. I got all of her stuff down over a month ago but have seriously taken my time in going through it. Well nothing like waiting to the last minute. I think my fingers are raw at this point from hanging everything and then having to safety pin it to the hangers and then safety pin the price tag on there as well. It's definitely a lot more work then I realized. We'll see how it goes and I'll decide from there if it's worth doing it in the spring again. Everyone has assured me it was. Just in Emma's stuff alone (I might add some winter maternity stuff that I'll never wear again that are smalls) I have 102 items. That's after going through it all and making a pile to give away that looked like it was worn too much or might have a spot on it. I never realized how much stuff we had.

I hope you are all having a great week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's the Day...

So today was the BIG day and Emma is now at Mother's Day Out. I had done so good since going and meeting her teacher Thursday and then going back on Friday. However, this morning as I was making her lunch I got sad and when I started brushing my teeth I started crying. She wasn't even awake yet but there I was crying! I was able to get it together and leave for work. I figured that I just needed 1 good cry. Well I was wrong! Let's just say I've cried many more times since getting to work. I'm good now for the record! Ben called at one point and said I thought I was taking her so you wouldn't get upset but now you are at work upset, I said I know I can't help it. I wasn't strong enough to take her because I knew I'd be a basket case. Anytime I cry she says mommy don't cry and if I keep up she'll start crying too. So I knew this wasn't the best case scenario for her on her first day. I am leaving early however to pick her up from her first day! Ben called after dropping her off and even sticking around for a minute where she couldn't see him and said she did great. I'm so proud of her (this of course made me cry too earlier). Remember this was her first time ever being left with someone other then family. She went straight to her teacher then got down and started playing. A few minutes later the teacher stuck her head out and told Ben she was fine and he left. She also told him I was free to call her cell phone anytime today to check on her (did I mention how awesome I thought that was that she gave us her personal cell to call to check up on her). I am holding out though and being strong like my brave little girl is being! I'm sure tomorrow I'll have more to post about after hearing about her first day as well as a picture (assuming Ben remembered to take one).

I should also have a weekend recap tomorrow with pictures. It's just been a crazy busy week and it's only Tuesday! Isn't that the way it always goes! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mother's Day Out Orientation

Last night we went to orientation for Mother's Day Out. Emma starts next week and she's going 2 days a week. I haven't really done the first thing about it either. I guess I thought if I didn't buy her lunch box, etc maybe it wasn't really time, lol! However, it is here and I have to get with it. We went last night and as they are going over everything I truly wanted to cry just thinking about her being away from us and around people she didn't even know. I know every child has to go through it and I know she'll end up loving it but still it makes me sad. After they went over everything we went to meet her teacher and that made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I absolutely love her and I feel like she's the BEST first teacher we could ever have. We also found out last night the little boy 2 houses up from us that Emma plays with is going to be in her class too so we were happy about that. I left feeling a lot better then I did going in. Now that's not to say when she starts next week I won't cry or do a sappy post but I truly do feel like she's in good hands. This morning we're going back up there again, they are having another meet and greet and color activity for them. The parents I met last night are going back today so we are too. Everyone was so nice! Let's hope it's a smooth ride, could be a little bumpy at first for all of us! We'll just have to wait and see.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

I just got back from my doctor's appointment. I had my sugar test today but I won't find out the results till Monday probably. I thought with Emma I found out the same day but who knows. That was 2 years ago and I'm pregnant so I feel like my brain is fried anyway! LOL! Anyway, she measured me for the first time today and I'm measuring 27 weeks which is what I am. Brooks heartrate was 147 and everything sounded great. I go back in 3 weeks now instead of 4 and I'll meet the only doctor I haven't met in our group. She's come in since I had Emma. I'm not sure why I'm meeting her since I will be induced with him at 39 weeks but I guess it's in case he decides to have a mind of his on and comes out early, I'll have met her. That's fine with me. After that I'll go back in 3 weeks again then start going every week. When your not going every 4 weeks anymore you know your in the home stretch (as Ben said this morning). Just 12 more weeks till we meet him if we get to go at 39 weeks. That seems so surreal to me!

Anyway, Lindy emailed some pictures of her baby shower we went too Saturday. I included one in my post earlier in the week and it was everyone from GNO that was there, but this one is just the pregnant girls in our group.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

27 Weeks

Here is my weekly belly picture. I can't believe I'm already 27 weeks! Time is definitely flying by.

Last night I went to eat at the Seafood & Chicken Box for the first time with Shannon. It was good! I had heard so many things about it but I'm not into seafood so I never gave it much thought. We figured it being a Tuesday night and it raining it wouldn't be that crowded, boy were we wrong. We waited for 45 minutes and finally were seated. It was good and I'm sure I'll go back (I just might call ahead and/or just do take out). Emma & Harper were so good though especially considering the wait we had.

Ben has been out of town in New Orleans and he came back last night. He got home about 10 minutes before we did. We were both so excited to see daddy! You don't realize how much you depend on someone till they aren't there for a few days. Him being gone though definitely made me realize how much I depend on him! Emma was excited to see daddy! Monday night she fell (she was ok) on her bum bum (that's what we call her bottom) and started crying and said I want daddy to come home. It was so sweet! It didn't take her long though to start bossing him around last night. He was trying to talk to me and play a game with her and she told him to be quiet and play with her. It was too funny!

So last night right before 2:00 a.m. or should I say this morning, Ben jumps out of bed and goes running. It startled me and I said what's wrong. I could hear Emma crying (or whining) and he's saying she fell out of the bed and so I'm running right behind him. I was in a fog (I must have been in a dead sleep with him home) and so it took me a minute to get it together. Once we were up there though he said she was just holding her leg. She was standing by her bed when we got up there. After looking at her and the bed and everything else we think she didn't fall out (she has 2 rails on each side of the bed that take up more then half of the bed). We think she woke up and slid out however we were both in panic mode. Of course I think she was just as startled as we were as we go barreling in her room. I laugh now at how this all went down. I decided I'd lay down with her for a minute and make sure she's ok (which she was). It hit me then how much she's not a baby anymore. As I was laying there cuddling with her I could remember all those sleepless nights and how I would be rocking her in her room or Ben would and here I was laying in her big girl bed with her and snuggling with her. I know I've said this before but time is flying by much faster then I care for it too. I wish for just a minute time would stand still and I could remember every little detail about her that I want too. Ok, sorry for getting all sappy on yall! Good news is, it's already Wednesday though and that brings a smile to my face every week!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about Brooks room. I think it's precious and as I've been adding finishing touches I love it even more. Hopefully I'll have finalized pictures very soon! I think I have replied back to everyone but just in case I haven't I wanted to say thank you! :)

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!


Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Bit of Nothing

I know everyone is dying to know how Emma did with her new furniture and I just want you all to know she has done great. She hasn't missed a beat. She was truly excited about it Thursday and she still is today. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but hopefully I can do that soon. It is very pretty and I'm so glad we got her something new. Yesterday after I put her down for her nap it was quiet about 10 minutes into it so I checked the monitor thinking she was fast asleep. No she was in her closet getting clothes out to dress her animals in. I finally said something to her another 10 minutes later and she stopped and went to sleep. I was thoroughly impressed. She's definitely liking her new found freedom since having taken the front of her crib off in July, but overall she's done great regardless. Saturday we did chores for the first half the day, something we haven't done but here and there since June. We've been gone every Saturday and so it was nice to get up and not have to immediately be anywhere. Needless to say we got a lot done. Not everything I think either of us wanted too but we put a good dent in it. Saturday afternoon I went to Lindy's baby shower. She is due September 21st (I think is the exact date), so not much longer. Here is a picture of some of the girls from GNO (girls night out) I stole from Amber.

It was a lot of fun and she got so much stuff, it was all so cute except for the Alabama stuff she got (I'm kidding, well kinda...maybe not really, all my AL friends you know I love you!).

Yesterday we went to the park to meet Jennifer, Hudson and Olivia. Hudson is Emma's age and I made the mistake of telling Emma when she first got up we were going to the park to see them and that's all she could talk about. She kept wanting to take all her toys to them at the park. It was too cute. They played hard for a little over an hour and then you could tell they were both worn out! Olivia is only 5/6 months old so she was just hanging out being so good in the heat! Last night we were playing this game she has and she always gets whoever is playing with her a pillow and her one so you can lay down on your belly in the middle of the living room and play it with her. Everytime she gets me one I just sit on mine because obviously I can't lay down and each time I tell her why. About halfway through playing she sat up and said I can't lay on my belly, Baby Brooks in my belly and she sits on the pillow like me and rubs her belly and sticks it out a little. It is the CUTEST thing ever! Why is it when you need a video camera you never have one around? I just love all the things she does and says out of no where. She's so very observant, especially when you think she's not even paying attention!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a little tease...

Ok so I managed to take a few pictures to give you a small glimpse into Brooks room. We moved Emma's furniture in there last night so I just did what I had time to do which wasn't a lot. Hopefully you'll see the big picture shortly but this will definitely give you an idea. And of course when Emma's room is ready I will post pictures of it. Here is a picture of the long awaited bedding (I say that because I was ready to see it from the time I picked it out). I got it from Becker's and she is here in Birmingham, although she'll do it for whoever no matter where they are. I didn't show the whole thing, as the outside bumper is different then what is posted here and the ends are different. Remember this is just a glimpse.

Here is the blanket and pillow that goes with his bedding.

Here is a picture of 1 wall. This is all around the room. Can I just say that I have the BEST husband out there! He actually enjoys painting and so I had given him several ideas that I liked and he wanted to do this one and it happened to be the most complex. I think he did an AWESOME job but I knew he would because he did such a good job with Emma's room when we were doing it.

This is Mr. Giraffe (we don't have an official name yet but I'm sure we will eventually)! I just love giraffe's and so I knew years ago if I ever had a boy I wanted a big stuffed giraffe. I got it off Amazon. Emma loves it! When it's not in Brooks room later on it will be in their play room. It's 5 feet tall. (there is a pink bucket on the dresser next to it, that is Emma's, not Brooks, lol! Remember we had to empty her room last night).

And here are some pictures I ordered on Ebay from a store called From the Heart Inspirational Art (they happen to be here in AL as well). I LOVE THEM!! I found frames this weekend and Ben painted the mats green for me that match the walls and I think they are adorable. I didn't get a close up but they all have bible verses on them. I tried to take a better picture but you could still see the flash either way.

We all really like the room, including Emma. She told Baby Brooks last night that he could have her furniture and she loved him and kissed my belly. It was so SWEET!!! Of course once we put the bedding in it she wanted to sit in it and she was just grinning ear to ear talking about Baby Brooks. She did extremely well and kept bringing me her stuff saying that Brooks could have it too. She doesn't understand he's a boy and won't want to be covered in pink, however, I think he doesn't stand a chance! :) Today her big girl furniture is coming and she still seems really excited. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

26 weeks

Here is this weeks belly shot. I can't believe I'm already 26 weeks, it is most definitely FLYING by.

Tomorrow Emma's new furniture is being delivered. I'm excited to see it yet sad because last night was her last night to sleep in her crib. For some reason I kept thinking tonight was her last night but we have to move it out of her room tonight so they can deliver and set up tomorrow. It's hard to believe she's already ready for a big girl bed. I was going to keep her in her crib till she was 3 or closer to it but it made more sense to get her new furniture and just give hers to Brooks. She seems really excited about it so I hope the transition is easy for her. She may be becoming a "big girl" (much faster then I care for her too) but she'll always be my baby! Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon of it all!

I have to add a side note, a girl just walked in for an interview where I work and looked at me and said oh wow. I'm not real sure if people think that's a good thing to say or not but seriously oh wow when you look at my belly is not exactly the reaction I've been looking for while being pregnant! What makes me laugh even more about it all is that it's women mostly that make these comments (and I've had quite a few this go round). Either they just haven't experienced pregnancy and child birth yet or are just plain ignorant! You just never know these days which it is! Anyway, I hope I was able to make you chuckle this morning like I did! And remember if you see someone pregnant and your thinking to yourself they look like a whale (which is how I feel so that's why I say it like that), just don't say anything. Remember if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! LOL! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had another busy weekend. It started Thursday night when I started making cookies for Shannon's monogram tea which was Saturday morning. I was following this recipe from Kelly's Korner however it was much more time consuming then I thought it would be. Friday I was able to cut them and bake them and do the first part of the icing. Here is what they looked like to start with.

Now I had to let them sit for a couple of hours and let the icing harden and then do the initials on top. I proceeded to make the green icing for the initials however it never hardened. I did that at 11:00 on Friday morning and at 8:00 Friday night it still wasn't thick enough, however the cookies with the original icing were fine. I, of course, was in panic mode. I finally decided that I was going to just re-ice them all together with just regular icing (all this was from scratch, the cookies and the pink icing). So Saturday morning I got up at 6:40 to finish the cookies which I had started Thursday night! It took me an hour and 20 minutes but hey I got them finished. Here is the finished product.

This picture is ok, however they were much cuter in person. But I think that's where it stopped, the recipe to me was just ok. So moral of the story for me anyway, I will never make cookies from scratch again and I'm not sure I'd ever decorate anything again on my own. I think the price the bakeries charge is WELL worth it! But hey I guess everyone has to live and learn! By the way, the tea went great and she got so much cute, fun stuff. I'm sure she'll post a recap and pictures for you all to see!

Back to the weekend, Friday night was GNO (Girls Night Out) at my house. Now that 4 of the 8 are pregnant it's much more low key then it used to be. Here is a picture of our group.

Ashley (our photographer by heart) thought it would be cute to get a picture of our bellies and it turned out very cute I think. We did them in order of due date. Amber is in white and she's due December 27, Amy's in purple and she's due December 8, I'm in green and due November 11 and Lindy is in brown due September 21st. We are all very close together in our due dates.

Saturday night I went to Shannon's mom's house for a painting party. It's just like Sips N Strokes however the place is called Art Buzz and they will come to your house and do it for your group of friends. That was my first time to paint anything in that type setting. It was a lot of fun and I think my picture turned out pretty good. There was a LOT of detail to it. It was Samford Hall in Auburn, AL (we are big Auburn fans by the way...WAR EAGLE!!) I did it for Ben and he was impressed. Here it is.

Pretty good huh?

I wish that was my picture, that was actually the picture we used to do our own. I'm sure yall thought, gosh she's really good! But no, mine is not that good! LOL! Here is my picture.

Yesterday I was able to get Brooks bedding and it is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I don't have pictures to share yet (I forgot to take them). The nursery is coming along so hopefully I can start taking some and posting them as we go. Emma is also getting a room makeover starting with her new furniture being delivered Thursday so I know I'll have pictures of her new big girl room soon! I hope you all had a great weekend as well!