Wednesday, August 12, 2009

27 Weeks

Here is my weekly belly picture. I can't believe I'm already 27 weeks! Time is definitely flying by.

Last night I went to eat at the Seafood & Chicken Box for the first time with Shannon. It was good! I had heard so many things about it but I'm not into seafood so I never gave it much thought. We figured it being a Tuesday night and it raining it wouldn't be that crowded, boy were we wrong. We waited for 45 minutes and finally were seated. It was good and I'm sure I'll go back (I just might call ahead and/or just do take out). Emma & Harper were so good though especially considering the wait we had.

Ben has been out of town in New Orleans and he came back last night. He got home about 10 minutes before we did. We were both so excited to see daddy! You don't realize how much you depend on someone till they aren't there for a few days. Him being gone though definitely made me realize how much I depend on him! Emma was excited to see daddy! Monday night she fell (she was ok) on her bum bum (that's what we call her bottom) and started crying and said I want daddy to come home. It was so sweet! It didn't take her long though to start bossing him around last night. He was trying to talk to me and play a game with her and she told him to be quiet and play with her. It was too funny!

So last night right before 2:00 a.m. or should I say this morning, Ben jumps out of bed and goes running. It startled me and I said what's wrong. I could hear Emma crying (or whining) and he's saying she fell out of the bed and so I'm running right behind him. I was in a fog (I must have been in a dead sleep with him home) and so it took me a minute to get it together. Once we were up there though he said she was just holding her leg. She was standing by her bed when we got up there. After looking at her and the bed and everything else we think she didn't fall out (she has 2 rails on each side of the bed that take up more then half of the bed). We think she woke up and slid out however we were both in panic mode. Of course I think she was just as startled as we were as we go barreling in her room. I laugh now at how this all went down. I decided I'd lay down with her for a minute and make sure she's ok (which she was). It hit me then how much she's not a baby anymore. As I was laying there cuddling with her I could remember all those sleepless nights and how I would be rocking her in her room or Ben would and here I was laying in her big girl bed with her and snuggling with her. I know I've said this before but time is flying by much faster then I care for it too. I wish for just a minute time would stand still and I could remember every little detail about her that I want too. Ok, sorry for getting all sappy on yall! Good news is, it's already Wednesday though and that brings a smile to my face every week!



Beachbumaw said...

Poor little Emma!! I know all too well about Daddy being gone. It breaks my heart every time Lucy says "I miss my Daddy"!! You look usual!

Amber said...

I told you that you'd like Seafood and Chicken box! I forgot to tell you we waited an hour for our food Sunday night, LOL!

The other morning, Jacob was asleep in his bed with his head towards the foot of the bed! They are crazy. I'm glad Ben is back.

Lyr said...

Again... you are so cute!