Monday, August 31, 2009

Brooks' Baby Tea

My sweet, sweet friends (I think of them as family though) threw me a baby tea Sunday for Brooks. The weather was crummy but that didn't keep us from having a good time. Everything turned out so pretty and we got a lot of cute stuff. Here are some pictures from the tea.

The cake...for some reason it's the only picture I got of the food.

The onesies on the fireplace.

Here is a picture of me and Emma. She had the flu mist on Friday and had done fine all weekend but of course woke up Sunday morning with a fever so she wasn't her normal energetic self.

All the girls that hosted the tea.

The gifts. The double stroller is what my hostesses gave me. I love it, thank you all so much!

I didn't realize this picture of more gifts was blurry! I might have more to post later on anyway.

This was once we got home. Emma was so excited about the stroller she wanted to get in and then wanted us to take her picture of her and Papa Bear. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES that bear. Can you tell he's even got her old clothes on.

She got a few presents at the tea as well. This was one of them and once again she was ready for a picture.

I don't want to forget to post about Girls Night Out which was Friday night! They celebrated my birthday and gave me a baby gift as well even though most of them were helping with my tea and the ones who were not were coming. I got a gift certificate to a spa here (our Girls Night group is going in January after all the babies come for a 1/2 day so this will go towards that) for my birthday. Here are 2 pictures that Amber gave me.

Hope you enjoy!


rCl said...

the tea looked so nice!!!! You look great! Hope Emma is feeling better!

the spa day already sounds fabulous!

Amber said...

I'm glad you enjoyed everything. You got a lot of great stuff. Thank you for not putting that horrible picture of my sour face from Friday night on here! LOL

Lyr said...

What a fabulous party!

Tiffany said...

You got lots of good stuff! Love the hostess gifts!

Mycalee said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! I think everything turned out great! We love you too!