Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Bit of Nothing

I know everyone is dying to know how Emma did with her new furniture and I just want you all to know she has done great. She hasn't missed a beat. She was truly excited about it Thursday and she still is today. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but hopefully I can do that soon. It is very pretty and I'm so glad we got her something new. Yesterday after I put her down for her nap it was quiet about 10 minutes into it so I checked the monitor thinking she was fast asleep. No she was in her closet getting clothes out to dress her animals in. I finally said something to her another 10 minutes later and she stopped and went to sleep. I was thoroughly impressed. She's definitely liking her new found freedom since having taken the front of her crib off in July, but overall she's done great regardless. Saturday we did chores for the first half the day, something we haven't done but here and there since June. We've been gone every Saturday and so it was nice to get up and not have to immediately be anywhere. Needless to say we got a lot done. Not everything I think either of us wanted too but we put a good dent in it. Saturday afternoon I went to Lindy's baby shower. She is due September 21st (I think is the exact date), so not much longer. Here is a picture of some of the girls from GNO (girls night out) I stole from Amber.

It was a lot of fun and she got so much stuff, it was all so cute except for the Alabama stuff she got (I'm kidding, well kinda...maybe not really, all my AL friends you know I love you!).

Yesterday we went to the park to meet Jennifer, Hudson and Olivia. Hudson is Emma's age and I made the mistake of telling Emma when she first got up we were going to the park to see them and that's all she could talk about. She kept wanting to take all her toys to them at the park. It was too cute. They played hard for a little over an hour and then you could tell they were both worn out! Olivia is only 5/6 months old so she was just hanging out being so good in the heat! Last night we were playing this game she has and she always gets whoever is playing with her a pillow and her one so you can lay down on your belly in the middle of the living room and play it with her. Everytime she gets me one I just sit on mine because obviously I can't lay down and each time I tell her why. About halfway through playing she sat up and said I can't lay on my belly, Baby Brooks in my belly and she sits on the pillow like me and rubs her belly and sticks it out a little. It is the CUTEST thing ever! Why is it when you need a video camera you never have one around? I just love all the things she does and says out of no where. She's so very observant, especially when you think she's not even paying attention!


Melissa said...

Love the pic of us! I'm glad Emma is enjoying her new bed. Can't wait to see pics!

Amber said...

She is just too funny!

Lyr said...

I was wondering about that! I’m glad that she is doing well with the furniture. We are thinking about moving Jayden out of the nursery soon… since he will be 2 and all. Ya think it’s time for a big boy bed yet?! Ha!

Mycalee said...

She is such a mess! I could just eat her up! Love the pic of all the girls minus the most important one :) Just kidding. Great pic of you guys!!