Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun at the Lake!

We decided to take a quick un-planned trip to the lake Saturday afternoon. It was a lazy morning and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do they said they wanted to go to the lake to ride the jet ski. Nana did a great job convincing them of "their" plan (and we're glad she did).  They started on the jet ski, then we did a boat ride and when we got back they got back on the jet ski for over an hour! I'd say they LOVE the jet ski!

 Here she is taking them for a ride

Mr. Cool Dude with his hat and sunglasses!
I could eat him to pieces!

Our little diva getting some sun on the boat
Ellie enjoying the lake and the boat also!
We had so much fun Saturday afternoon. The kids were worn out and put themselves to bed on time!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy and husband we could ask for! We are so thankful and so blessed to have you! You mean more then you will ever know to us. 


We love you!

Morgan, Emma and Brooks

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Round 2 of Birthday Fun!!!

We celebrated with some other friends for Emma's birthday Saturday night. She sure is one loved little girl! Here are some pictures of her "after" party!

Jackson & Leah

Brooks chilling for a minute, he had as much fun as Emma

Olivia, Emma & Mallory
We couldn't forget Mylee
More swimming fun

Pretty girl

The mommas
In back: Leann & Mycalee
Front: Allison, me, Leah and Amy

Opening presents

I would say she had a FUN FILLED birthday party celebration!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday morning when she got up. We decided to decorate the inside of the house and the door to her room. She LOVED it.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to my sweet Emma Bean!!!


I can't believe you are 6 years old today. I remember going in to have you like it was yesterday. You have grown so much over the last 6 years. You truly amaze me. Seeing the world through your eyes is an awesome experience. You are a fun loving, sweet, strong-willed little girl. You absolutely LOVE to read. You love to draw pictures and paint. You are very creative and very crafty already at such a young age. You love your brother even though yall fight constantly. You take very good care of him. You are going to be such a good, sweet, loving mommy one day. I love you more today then I did the day you were born and I didn't think that was possible. You have made me a mommy and I am so thankful for that. You are such a blessing to me and your daddy!! I can't ever tell you in words or show you just how VERY SPECIAL you are to us and how VERY proud we are of you.


I love you to the moon and back 10,000 times over!!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Emma's 6th Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Emma's 6th birthday. I can not believe she's turning 6 and has just finished kindergarten. The last 6 years have flown by. This year's party was so much fun. She's always said what theme she wants but this year she planned everything. She started by making her invitation herself (all her idea). And ended with picking out the party favors herself as well. It was so much fun pulling this year's party off with it ALL being her ideas. Here are some pictures from her party.

Her invite she did...I adore it.

She was so proud of her cake! 

Ellie couldn't resist jumping in with her.

We couldn't forget a picture with Zoe and Ellie together.

My sweet, sassy, fun loving, artsy 6 year old! 
Some of the decorations.

The party favors!

I am blessed more then I deserve with these 2.

 Emma Bean
Roxana & Emma


 Swimming fun

Kate & Emma

Emma, Brooks & Roxana

Emma & Maddie enjoying pizza

Time to blow out the candle. She didn't want us
to sing to her. But we were allowed to say
 Happy Birthday Emma! 

Fallon & Emma

Opening presents

Norah, Roxana, Harper, Emma, Maddie,
Emma Kate, Carey and Braegan

Emma & Carey (she LOVES him)

Harper & Emma
We had an awesome time at her party. We are so thankful to our friends and family for coming out and making it such a special day!