Friday, March 30, 2012

Bye bye Pappy

This past Thursday (not yesterday, so we've been paci free for a week) we decided it was officially time to tell "pappy" bye bye. We had talked about it a good bit before Disney and then since we got home. I was trying to let Brooks get back into the swing of things before it went away. I knew it would either be this past Thursday or yesterday and felt like we'd talked about it so much it was time to quit telling him and just do it. He hasn't always been attached to his paci like Emma was. His real attachment to it has only really come in the last year or so and then after Disney I was afraid he'd never let it go. When we got back from Disney the first time with Emma, we decided we'd mail it to Mickey. It actually went over really well with her and thought we'd do the same thing with him. We quickly realized that wasn't going to happen with him and the best thing to do was just to make it disappear. He was pitiful and cried for about 20 minutes. After I let him have his moment about it I decided to try and make him calm down. We had him a "prize" for being a big boy and even though he kept saying he didn't want to open it, I figured I'd go ahead and do it for him. He LOVED IT!! We actually were going to get him this Woody doll in Disney because he loved it so much but never made our way back to Downtown Disney and it had to be the only thing our gift shop didn't have. Here are some pictures of our big boy!! Brooks we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

He has done so good since and only asked for it here and there and when we tell him it's gone he goes on about his business. He'll also sometimes say that pappy is with Barney or Mickey too and it's so cute! I'm not gonna lie, I never thought he'd be so easy about it!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bye Bye Disney...

This by far was one of our best vacations. Yes it was tiring, yes there were a few meltdowns along the way but oh my at the memories made. It was worth all of it!! Here are some pictures before we boarded the plane to head back home.

We made our way to the gift shop for them to pick out one last surprise with their money Nana and Poppy sent. Brooks got some stuff but I didn't get a picture with him. Here is Emma and her Minnie backpack, she'd patiently been eyeing this all week.

After that we went over to the park to play. When we were done Emma asked me to take a picture of her. She is so cute!

Waiting for the bus to come to take us back to the airport! :(

Me and my sweet babies!

Love this of them holding hands ready to board the bus!

All the kiddos at the airport after lunch.

Watching the plane come in and them get it ready. They were so cute watching it all!

When I was pulling my pictures from my phone I found where Brooks got my phone on the plane and took this picture. Made me laugh!!

That's it for our Disney trip! Recounting our whole trip for my blog (and blog book) has only made me wish we were still there!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 5 - Fun in the Sun

By Friday we were all exhausted. Our original plans were to go back to Magic Kingdom but since it was SO crowded Monday and we'd heard all week how crowded it was we decided against that. Plan B was to go to Hollywood Studios since we hadn't been there yet. After our extra fun night at the BBQ Thursday night we decided it might be better to take the day off even if it was our last day. We had reservations for dinner at Downtown Disney Friday night so we thought we'd stay at the pool for the day. The kids were so excited about that. Amber and Jarred decided to go to Hollywood Studios for a couple of hours that morning and then they joined us at the pool. It was a GREAT way to end the week and I know next time to allow a full day for that because we all needed it. Here are some pictures from Friday.

After breakfast

Emma Bean in the pool, it was like bath water!

On Wednesday, the water was a little cooler and Brooks thought it was too cold so even though it was much warmer Friday he wasn't taking my word for it. He would not put his bathing suit on for anything!

Emma was afraid she was missing out on something and tried to sneak in but he looked away!

Then Brooks realized I was right about how warm it was and I turned around for 2 seconds and came back to this!

He realized he was caught and gave me this big grin!

So then he thought he might go down a little bit further...

Here is Emma playing away...

Silly kids!

Here is Jacob and Emma jumping in...

While Brooks was hanging out!

That night we decided to bail on our dinner reservations and hang out at the resort. One of Amber's friends that doesn't live far from there came up about lunch time and spent the day/night with us. We went to the arcade at our resort and the playground at our resort. It was a lot of fun! This is the only picture I got at the Arcade because we were too busy having fun.

This picture makes me laugh because Emma had long fallen asleep and Brooks was still going strong eating a cookie!

We were so sad to see our vacation in Disney come to an end!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 4 - Phone Pictures

Here are my phone pictures for Day 4.

Silly kiddos...

So cute!

Petting zoo

Minnie time!!

Me and Emma waiting in line in Dino Land to ride the TRex ride. It's just like Dumbo and unfortunately Dumbo was her favorite ride the first time we went and it was closed this time. I think we rode this ride 3 or 4 times. :) Even Brooks got to ride and loved it!

Emma & Jacob waiting in line to ride again!

Time for more autographs...

This is back at our resort waiting to catch the bus for our dinner. He looks like such a big boy. I have to point out his flip flops because I'm not sure I did before. He got to buy anything he wanted at Sea World with some money Nana & Poppy sent and he picked these out all by himself while his sister got a dolphin. He almost got a whale and then decided he'd rather have the flip flops. What can I say, the kid LOVES flip flops!

So sweet! This was on the boat headed to dinner!

Passed out! This was as we waited for the bus to go back to our resort after dinner. He danced his little heart away and had too much fun!

I should wrap our Disney trip tomorrow or the next day. I know it's been long but we had SO MUCH FUN and made SO MANY memories I don't want to forget a thing!