Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 2 Phone Pictures

I love these 2 pictures of them even if they are blurry! This was first thing Tuesday morning waiting to go.

Here I tried to get a picture of the 4 of them and I love how I caught it all animated. Jacob wants no part in it and Emma is trying to get them all together.

Emma to Brooks - Come on Brooks you can join...

Emma thinking I got him, now if I could only get Jacob to cooperate!

Yay, I finally got him to look this way! Way to go Emma! :)

Me and Emma in the shark exhibit

Waiting on the bus to head back to our resort and he couldn't take it any longer!

Pretty girl waiting on the bus still ready to go after our long fun day at Sea World!

Me and Amber being silly in the gift shop!

It was such a fun, fun day!!!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

My favorite picture this post it the one of you and Amber:) Ya'll look cute!