Thursday, March 15, 2012

Off to Disney we went...

Last Sunday we left for Disney World. We had been planning this trip since August. Me, Ben, Emma, Brooks, Nancy (Ben's mother), Amber, Jarred, Jacob and Colyn went. The kids were beyond excited about going and even more so when we got closer to time to go. Here are some pictures from that day at the airport and once we got to Disney.

I couldn't get them to both look at me at the same time but you can tell they are excited to board the plane.

Brooks being silly on the plane

Emma ready for take off

I asked Brooks when we started to take off if he wanted me to hold his hand because I was sitting between him and Emma and Emma wanted to hold my hand. He said "no, me safe". It was too funny! He truly was Mr. Independent most of the trip.

We can't forget Addison and Addi that went with us!

This was once we were off the plane in Orlando and waiting on the Magical Express to take us to our resort.

Emma & Jacob waiting while we got checked in at our resort.

We finally made our way to our room after checking in and getting lunch and this is what we found. Emma was so excited about it!

Brooks didn't want a picture and we had a great one of all of us smiling but Ben's eyes were closed. Here is me, Ben and Emma waiting on the bus for Downtown Disney. We had dinner reservations at Rain Forest Cafe.

Me and my sweet baby girl

Silly girl...hanging out waiting for our table

Me and Amber

Our fun dessert, the volcano, this thing was huge!! It was SO GOOD!!

It was a great trip going down and we couldn't wait till morning when all our magical fun began!!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

Loved the pictures! Can't wait to read about the rest of your week!