Monday, February 13, 2012


Last week, I was getting Brooks out of the bath and I thought he was spelling his name. I thought no way, I know he recognizes it but surely he's not spelling it. Sure enough he was!! I was so proud of him! We tried to video it and it didn't turn out great. I asked him 100 times that night...

Me: Brooks, how do you spell your name?
Brooks: B-R-O-O-K-S

and then I asked again, and again, and again!! :) I was so proud!!!! By the way Emma takes FULL credit for him knowing how to spell his name. She said she taught him. ;) Here are 2 sweet pictures my mom sent me last week of him waiting in car line for Emma.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Parties are so much fun...

So our birthday season has begun. I call it that because we are blessed with so many friends. All of their birthday's fall between February and July for the most part. This past weekend we had one on Saturday and one Sunday. The party on Saturday was for Emma's sweet friend from dance, Maddie. She turned 4 and had a Barbie party with a real live dress up Barbie. The girls got their nails painted, their hair curled, feather boa's and got to do a fashion show. It was really cute and Emma had so much fun. Anyone that knows Emma knows she can be shy in front of a bunch of people but she played right along. I was so surprised. Here she is after getting her hair and nails done.

Here is the back of Emma's hair, it did so good! They had glitter too in their hair!

Julia & Emma doing the fashion show!

Pretty girl!

Group shot with Barbie...

Sunday we had Lucy's party to go too. It was a skating party and I didn't get any pictures because I was helping Emma skate. Emma had so much fun (this year and last) and just loves Lucy. I was so proud of Emma this time because she went out with all the other little girls during the dance and sock race time. I had to snap a quick picture before joining in the fun! Who doesn't like to break it down? I know I do!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

I HEART Pinterest...Part 2

So I've discussed on here my love for Pinterest before. You can read about it here. Here are some other things I've been up too since that last post. Sorry about the picture quality and color, they were taken with my phone and the lighting wasn't always the best!

We recently pulled up the carpet going to our basement (the playroom) and decided to work with what we had. So we re-finished the stairs and then I put the quote on there with my Cricut. I had seen several ideas on Pinterest from the way they were finished to different quotes and this one stuck out the most. Ben wasn't too keen on doing anything different color wise on the stairs either and I was ok with that! We love them!

This is on the main landing going to the basement which I just talked about. It's kinda funny because these were supposed to be 2 seperate squares but Ben got carried away and forgot and we have 1 big one. It actually looks really good.

I showed you the toilet paper roll I had over the toilet last time but it did not hold up at all. After about the 4,000th time of putting it together I threw it away. I saw this and happened to have a old used rubber door mat that need some TLC. I think it turned out great. I'm still debating if I should make it red like the toilet paper wreath. This is distressed also but you can't tell in this picture. What do you think?

I decided I wanted to try curtains in the living room (but not panels) and since I did the ones in the kitchen (which you can see from my first Pinterest post) I knew I could take these on. I also wanted them to be a little different. I love how they turned out!

This a snowflake (I know it's kinda hard to see) my friend Amber did originally. She warned me hers broke but I had the stuff already and thought I'd try it. It actually did pretty good, but I have to admit 1 point did come off.

My Snowman...let me just say this isn't anything special but I was so proud of him! :) We had him and the snowflake up during January so don't think they are still up now. He was so easy and so cute...of course the little girl in the picture is the cutest!

This actually came from one of my favorite blogs I read and I can't take credit for it but Ben can. I showed it to him and said can you build Emma this bunk bed for her babies and he said yes. It turned out awesome and she loves it!!

I'm still addicted to Pinterest so these will most likely be ongoing posts I'll link too!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Fireplace makeover...

Before Christmas I had seen a fireplace that was re-finished that I fell in love with. I decided to make a mental note of it and after Christmas try and attempt it. I was so gung ho about doing it myself but slowly Ben talked me out of it. I think he wanted to do it honestly. I'm glad now that he did talk me out of it and that I let him do it, because it ended up being a lot more work then we realized. I think I could have done it hands down but I think I would have gotten frustrated! :) It turned out SO GOOD. I was so glad he has patience that I don't!! Before the fireplace was all white and just kind of blah. It really pops now!

Here it is (sorry this was with my phone)...


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooks' Big Boy Bed

Brooks has been asking for a big boy bed for quite some time. We finally made it happen for him and he was so excited. Fortunately for us, his crib converted to a full size bed. You can read more about his last night in his crib here. You can also see pictures of his nursery here. I need to pause for just a minute, I could cry remembering how excited I was over the nursery and planning it and now we're already moving things around and making him his own big boy room. Time sure flies! Once I get everything moved around on the walls and get him a comforter I'll post more pictures. But until then, here he is Sunday night right before bed with Emma.

Ready to go night, night

Brooks asleep the next morning. Ben took this picture and texted it to me. He slept all night and slept late that morning.

It's gone pretty good this week I guess. We've had so many issues with one or both waking up lately we'll take any uninterrupted night of sleep we can get and this week has been more of those then not so that's good. I know this too is just a phase though and one day I'll long for the times that they wanted in mommy's bed.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bye, bye crib...

Saturday night was Brooks' last night in his crib. I think I was the only one sad! How did we get to this point? I'm not sure. He's been asking for over a month now for a big boy bed and so we finally made it happen for him.

Here he is with Emma right before he laid down.

My sweet baby boy!! He may be a big boy now or getting there but he'll always be my baby!

Mommy loves you and your sister oh so much!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Chevron Wall

I've been wanting to re-paint my kitchen (for like the 15th time, not really but we have painted it several times) for some time now. I haven't been able to come up with a color I thought I'd just love, that wouldn't make me want to do it again in a few years like before. I've seen people on blogs and Pinterest do Chevron walls and I liked them. All of a sudden a few weeks ago it hit me that I should try a chevron wall as an accent wall in my kitchen. I figured what did I have to lose (since I talked about re-painting the whole thing anyway) and if it turned out good then we wouldn't have to re-paint. I ran the idea by Ben, he didn't understand exactly I don't think but said ok. I figured up the dimensions for it and then finally got time this weekend to talk him in to trying it. I'm not a painter, or lets say I prefer not painting walls if I don't have too. But Ben doesn't mind at all. I think he actually likes it and has painted our whole house on the inside. So I can only take credit for the dimensions and helping him do the chalk grid and that was it. Once we finished the chalk he said we looked like smurfs! I couldn't help but laugh. Here is a before picture.

Here is Ben working on it.

When he finished before we put everything back he said it reminded him of Whataburger and I had to laugh again!

The after picture! Let me just say it looks AWESOME. It lightened up that little nook so much and just added so much character. Also for the record once it was all put back he decided it didn't look like Whataburger as much as before and he really liked it!