Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooks' Big Boy Bed

Brooks has been asking for a big boy bed for quite some time. We finally made it happen for him and he was so excited. Fortunately for us, his crib converted to a full size bed. You can read more about his last night in his crib here. You can also see pictures of his nursery here. I need to pause for just a minute, I could cry remembering how excited I was over the nursery and planning it and now we're already moving things around and making him his own big boy room. Time sure flies! Once I get everything moved around on the walls and get him a comforter I'll post more pictures. But until then, here he is Sunday night right before bed with Emma.

Ready to go night, night

Brooks asleep the next morning. Ben took this picture and texted it to me. He slept all night and slept late that morning.

It's gone pretty good this week I guess. We've had so many issues with one or both waking up lately we'll take any uninterrupted night of sleep we can get and this week has been more of those then not so that's good. I know this too is just a phase though and one day I'll long for the times that they wanted in mommy's bed.


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Kristen Pesnell said...

Glad he's sleeping so well for you in his new bed! Those uninterrupted nights of sleep make all the difference in the world!