Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Parties are so much fun...

So our birthday season has begun. I call it that because we are blessed with so many friends. All of their birthday's fall between February and July for the most part. This past weekend we had one on Saturday and one Sunday. The party on Saturday was for Emma's sweet friend from dance, Maddie. She turned 4 and had a Barbie party with a real live dress up Barbie. The girls got their nails painted, their hair curled, feather boa's and got to do a fashion show. It was really cute and Emma had so much fun. Anyone that knows Emma knows she can be shy in front of a bunch of people but she played right along. I was so surprised. Here she is after getting her hair and nails done.

Here is the back of Emma's hair, it did so good! They had glitter too in their hair!

Julia & Emma doing the fashion show!

Pretty girl!

Group shot with Barbie...

Sunday we had Lucy's party to go too. It was a skating party and I didn't get any pictures because I was helping Emma skate. Emma had so much fun (this year and last) and just loves Lucy. I was so proud of Emma this time because she went out with all the other little girls during the dance and sock race time. I had to snap a quick picture before joining in the fun! Who doesn't like to break it down? I know I do!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

I love the pictures you got of Julia and Emma! It really was a cute party!