Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had another busy weekend. It started Thursday night when I started making cookies for Shannon's monogram tea which was Saturday morning. I was following this recipe from Kelly's Korner however it was much more time consuming then I thought it would be. Friday I was able to cut them and bake them and do the first part of the icing. Here is what they looked like to start with.

Now I had to let them sit for a couple of hours and let the icing harden and then do the initials on top. I proceeded to make the green icing for the initials however it never hardened. I did that at 11:00 on Friday morning and at 8:00 Friday night it still wasn't thick enough, however the cookies with the original icing were fine. I, of course, was in panic mode. I finally decided that I was going to just re-ice them all together with just regular icing (all this was from scratch, the cookies and the pink icing). So Saturday morning I got up at 6:40 to finish the cookies which I had started Thursday night! It took me an hour and 20 minutes but hey I got them finished. Here is the finished product.

This picture is ok, however they were much cuter in person. But I think that's where it stopped, the recipe to me was just ok. So moral of the story for me anyway, I will never make cookies from scratch again and I'm not sure I'd ever decorate anything again on my own. I think the price the bakeries charge is WELL worth it! But hey I guess everyone has to live and learn! By the way, the tea went great and she got so much cute, fun stuff. I'm sure she'll post a recap and pictures for you all to see!

Back to the weekend, Friday night was GNO (Girls Night Out) at my house. Now that 4 of the 8 are pregnant it's much more low key then it used to be. Here is a picture of our group.

Ashley (our photographer by heart) thought it would be cute to get a picture of our bellies and it turned out very cute I think. We did them in order of due date. Amber is in white and she's due December 27, Amy's in purple and she's due December 8, I'm in green and due November 11 and Lindy is in brown due September 21st. We are all very close together in our due dates.

Saturday night I went to Shannon's mom's house for a painting party. It's just like Sips N Strokes however the place is called Art Buzz and they will come to your house and do it for your group of friends. That was my first time to paint anything in that type setting. It was a lot of fun and I think my picture turned out pretty good. There was a LOT of detail to it. It was Samford Hall in Auburn, AL (we are big Auburn fans by the way...WAR EAGLE!!) I did it for Ben and he was impressed. Here it is.

Pretty good huh?

I wish that was my picture, that was actually the picture we used to do our own. I'm sure yall thought, gosh she's really good! But no, mine is not that good! LOL! Here is my picture.

Yesterday I was able to get Brooks bedding and it is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I don't have pictures to share yet (I forgot to take them). The nursery is coming along so hopefully I can start taking some and posting them as we go. Emma is also getting a room makeover starting with her new furniture being delivered Thursday so I know I'll have pictures of her new big girl room soon! I hope you all had a great weekend as well!



Lindy said...

Your cookies turned out so cute! The pic of all our bellies is so cute, too! Ashley is so creative! Have a great day!

Mycalee said...

Your cookies and painting turned out great!!!

Amber said...

The painting is really good! Send me that picture of our bellies, I love it. Mine didn't turn out as good.

Beachbumaw said...

Good job on the cookies!!!! Had a blast Friday night! Thanks for having it!!!

Beachbumaw said...

Oh, and I LOVE the painting!!!! What a cute idea, we should all do that for GNO sometime!

Harper's Mommy said...

The cookies turned out so did an awesome job!! Thanks again so much for going to so much trouble for me! I'd do it for you! :) So glad I got to see you 2 times Saturday. Painting was fun! Can't wait to see Brooks bedding!