Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's the Day...

So today was the BIG day and Emma is now at Mother's Day Out. I had done so good since going and meeting her teacher Thursday and then going back on Friday. However, this morning as I was making her lunch I got sad and when I started brushing my teeth I started crying. She wasn't even awake yet but there I was crying! I was able to get it together and leave for work. I figured that I just needed 1 good cry. Well I was wrong! Let's just say I've cried many more times since getting to work. I'm good now for the record! Ben called at one point and said I thought I was taking her so you wouldn't get upset but now you are at work upset, I said I know I can't help it. I wasn't strong enough to take her because I knew I'd be a basket case. Anytime I cry she says mommy don't cry and if I keep up she'll start crying too. So I knew this wasn't the best case scenario for her on her first day. I am leaving early however to pick her up from her first day! Ben called after dropping her off and even sticking around for a minute where she couldn't see him and said she did great. I'm so proud of her (this of course made me cry too earlier). Remember this was her first time ever being left with someone other then family. She went straight to her teacher then got down and started playing. A few minutes later the teacher stuck her head out and told Ben she was fine and he left. She also told him I was free to call her cell phone anytime today to check on her (did I mention how awesome I thought that was that she gave us her personal cell to call to check up on her). I am holding out though and being strong like my brave little girl is being! I'm sure tomorrow I'll have more to post about after hearing about her first day as well as a picture (assuming Ben remembered to take one).

I should also have a weekend recap tomorrow with pictures. It's just been a crazy busy week and it's only Tuesday! Isn't that the way it always goes! :)

Happy Tuesday!

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Beachbumaw said...

AWWWW...Don't cry. She is LOVING it right now I promise!!! Lucy is going to a new school next week where I can look on their website and they have cameras in the classroom so I can watch her anytime...super exciting!! Hang in there, you will be even more proud of her when she comes home saying and doing things that you never imagined (good things)!!!!