Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a week behind...

Here are a few pictures from weekend before last at the lake. Amy, Mark, Leah and Dustin came up for the day. We had a LOT of fun! Here is me, Leah and Amy.

On our 3 hour boat ride we came across this house boat and they were singing on top and dancing, having a good time! We had to take their picture. They sang pretty well too!

Once we got back Emma was up from her nap and she wanted to feed the ducks. These ducks will almost eat out of your hand. I actually got 1 to eat out of mine but of course didn't have the camera. I then got it and couldn't find him among them all to take a picture of him doing it. Emma LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the ducks and loves feeding them! Here she is waiting on them to come up to her.

Here they all come!

Here she is bringing mommy some bread to feed them too!

All done now, she's waving bye to them! So cute!!

Isn't she just the cutest! I love her so much.

Dustin might kill me for this picture, but I had to put it on here. This is Leah's husband and they just got married (I was in the wedding and posted about it not long ago). Ever since their wedding Emma has talked about Leah and Dustin getting married and told us she was getting married and when we asked her who she was marrying she always responds with Dustin. It's too cute. So while they were there she was able to coax him into her house to play with him! He sure was a good trooper and I can already tell he'll make a GREAT daddy one day! No pressure Leah! :)

After she got through feeding the ducks and playing with Dustin she wanted to go on a boatride so just the girls went. Here she is as we're pulling back in while the guys were cooking. She loves the boat (much different then last summer when she hated it because of the life jacket she had to wear then).

I think that about wraps up our day last weekend at the lake. This post ended up being longer then I thought so I'll post tomorrow about this weekend and my BIRTHDAY! :)

I'll leave yall with a picture of Chloe, Leah and Dustin's new yorkie! She's doing what I wish I was doing right now!

Happy Monday!


Amber said...

Jacob would be heartbroken if he knew Emma wanted to marry Dustin, LOL! He told me the other day he wanted to kiss Emma, I was like "What"? Too funny.

Lyr said...

Yorkies… LOVE THEM!!! That one is cute! Looks like a great time! I love the pictures on the boat!

Mycalee said...

Looks like y'all had a great weekend!! She is a cutie!!