Wednesday, August 5, 2009

26 weeks

Here is this weeks belly shot. I can't believe I'm already 26 weeks, it is most definitely FLYING by.

Tomorrow Emma's new furniture is being delivered. I'm excited to see it yet sad because last night was her last night to sleep in her crib. For some reason I kept thinking tonight was her last night but we have to move it out of her room tonight so they can deliver and set up tomorrow. It's hard to believe she's already ready for a big girl bed. I was going to keep her in her crib till she was 3 or closer to it but it made more sense to get her new furniture and just give hers to Brooks. She seems really excited about it so I hope the transition is easy for her. She may be becoming a "big girl" (much faster then I care for her too) but she'll always be my baby! Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon of it all!

I have to add a side note, a girl just walked in for an interview where I work and looked at me and said oh wow. I'm not real sure if people think that's a good thing to say or not but seriously oh wow when you look at my belly is not exactly the reaction I've been looking for while being pregnant! What makes me laugh even more about it all is that it's women mostly that make these comments (and I've had quite a few this go round). Either they just haven't experienced pregnancy and child birth yet or are just plain ignorant! You just never know these days which it is! Anyway, I hope I was able to make you chuckle this morning like I did! And remember if you see someone pregnant and your thinking to yourself they look like a whale (which is how I feel so that's why I say it like that), just don't say anything. Remember if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! LOL! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Mycalee said...

Morgan you made me laugh out loud at work! Your a beautiful pregnant woman! Me and the gno girls are going to find that girl!!! Love you hunny!

rCl said...

You are too cute!

It's amazing some peoples comments! ;)

I know Emma is going to LOVE her big girl bed!!!! It's crazy how big they look in it :( But your right they will always be our babies!

Amber said...

Some people are a little too opinionated! I think Emma will love her "big girl" bed, Jacob loves his "big boy" bed! You look so cute!!

Lyr said...

You are such a cute pregnant woman!!! Perfect little belly!! People are totally rude… and really have no idea what is coming out of their mouth some times. They are probably A. Never had kids before or B. Have not an ounce of class in them. People…