Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brooks' 2 year check up

This past Friday we went for Brooks' 2 year checkup. I thought he had to get shots so I took Ben along for the ride only to find out he's done till he's 5. Every doctor's office is different I am finding though, but I am thankful it's a while before he should get any more. Also, since he was 2 he got to get the flu mist like Emma. He wasn't too crazy about that though! At the end of the checkup they did have to prick his finger and he's just like his momma was at that age and HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Here are his stats from the checkup:

He weighs 25 lbs 6 1/2 oz and that puts him in the 20% for weight. He was only at 10%for his weight last checkup so this was great news. I was actually concerned he might have went down in % but thankfully he did not. He just doesn't eat much!!

He is 35 inches tall and that puts him in the 75% for height. The doctor says he'll probably be around 5'11" to 6 feet tall! I always find it funny to me that my kids are so tall yet I feel so short! I'm 5'3 at best and their daddy is only about 5'9"! But after doing some research (past our parents and grandparents) in both our families we found out there are some taller people they could have gotten this from! I'm just thankful they will both be taller then me! ;)

We had to fill out at 24 month questionnaire and Brooks passed with flying colors. He could score a 60 and he did. We had a great checkup and hopefully we won't be back in the doctor's office anytime soon!



Kristen Pesnell said...

Glad to hear his check-up went so well! Griffin is the same as Brooks, I little underweight, but tall for his age! I've never thought to ask the doctor how tall she predicts either of the kids to be when they are grown. I'll have to ask that at their next appointments!

Amber said...

He's only 4 1/2 inches shorter than Jacob LOL! My kids are gonna be short. Glad everything went well.