Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2...Magic Kingdom...Part 2

Sorry I'm just now getting back to posting. Last week was crazy busy and then I got sick and had to work some this weekend and so blogging got put to the side. Anyway, here is the rest of day 2. I should have ended my last post with this picture but this is me and Emma outside the front of Magic Kingdom. She wasn't real happy here because we had to leave so I could go work.

When we were leaving earlier in the day they were doing the show in the front of the castle and she wanted to see it. We got back just in time for the last show and so we camped out right in front to get a good seat. Here is Emma waiting on it to begin.

It was a great show and they brought out almost everyone you could think of. She loved it.

It's Mickey!!!

The whole gang minus Daisy and Pluto, she kept saying I bet Daisy and Pluto are going to join the party. It was too cute.

Snow White makes her debut!

It's Rella Rella as Emma calls her! She can actually say Cinderella now, however, when she was younger we had an ice pack for boo boo's with Cinderella on it and she called it Rella Rella. So to her there was Rella Rella on stage!

Here is Emma outside the teacup ride.

Here she is waiting in line to ride the teacups. She was so excited. I didn't get a good picture of her riding but I know we did on Saturday when we went back so I will post it later.

The castle at night. It was so pretty and changed colors every few minutes.

Me and Emma riding the carousel one last time before we left.

Mickey in the parade they had that night. We were trying so hard to make it for the fireworks but it just wasn't going to happen. I think we were all exhausted at this point.

Waiting on the school bus to take us back "home". Do you think she looks tired?

We had a great "1st" day at Magic Kingdom and made memories that will last a lifetime. We'll for sure have to go back when Brooks is older and they can both enjoy it together.


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Amber said...

I love Disney, I can't wait till we get to take the kids!