Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elfcapades 2011...Nights 1 thru 11

Our elves came to stay on December 3rd. They got held up at the North Pole and that's why they didn't make it on the 1st. We were playing hard outside and putting up Christmas decorations that Saturday and when we were finished we came inside and heard the doorbell ring. We went to the door and Emma looked out the window and said no one was there. We opened the door and there sat Bella & Mitchell. Brooks' face was priceless, he bent down and brought them in. Here is what they have been up too since they've come to stay at our house.

Night 1 they sat with Winnie the Pooh and read stories all night. They also brought Emma some fuzzy socks and Brooks some gloves.

Night 2 they were watching the North Pole online and eating chocolate.

Night 3 they got all of Emma and Brooks' friends and put a puzzle together

Night 4 they went ziplining from the fan to the Christmas tree

Night 5 they were missing the North Pole and so they spent the night in the freezer so it would make them feel like they were there.

Night 6 they pushed the babies in the stroller. Emma wanted in the picture then. She tells us every morning to take a picture of what they did!

Night 7 they got a basket of Emma's bows and some cupcake wrappers the kids were playing with and made a mess in the floor!

Night 8 they put Emma's panties and Brooks' diapers on the tree. The sun was coming in when we took this picture so that's why it's not the best.

Night 9 they decided to paint a little...

Night 10, they threw all the stockings down and were looking over at them.

Night 11 they were playing hide and seek under some cups.

They go EVERYWHERE with us and the kids are having so much fun with them! Can't wait to see what other tricks they pull. I'll be back with more fun elfcapades!

Merry Christmas!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

Isn't it just so fun having elfs around the house;)? Love Bella and Mitchell's elfcapades!!!!