Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Emma Bean is so sweet...

Emma is one of those kids who LOVES to give people things. We can go out just the 2 of us and she's looking for something to take home to Brooks. She LOVES to shop for friends and family for their birthdays. She LOVES to make pictures and stuff for people. I know once a week she's making something for someone at school. That's just her thing. There are 5 love languages (encouraging words, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, & physical touch and closeness). Emma definitely falls under the gift giving love language. Every time I see her make something on her own for someone else it makes my heart so happy! I just love her SO, SO, SO MUCH! And of course you might wonder why I'm writing a blog post on it and here is why. Yesterday, we had her Christmas program and then I was off the rest of the day. After we put Brooks to sleep for his nap she asked where her backpack was. We found it and she went digging and came up with a bracelet. She came up to me holding it and said you know what mommy? I said what, she said I got this out of my treasure box just for you! (side note, if they are good all week they get to pick something out of the treasure box at the end of the week) Talk about bring tears to your eyes. I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her how much I loved it. She wanted to know if I wanted to try it on and I said absolutely. It fit but I asked her if she wanted instead. She put it on and it was way too big and she said no it's too big and I picked it for you. I asked her if she wanted me to wear it to work the next day and her face lit up and said yes. She asked if it was ok if she put it on my jewelry box by my ring (she's referring to my wedding ring) and I told her yes. After that we went back to playing and last night before I went to bed I walked past my jewelry box and there it sat around my ring. Made me smile and want to cry at her thoughtfulness. I wore it today and called her this morning to tell her. She was so happy. Here is the prettiest bracelet I own!

And I love it!!



H2's Mommy said...

So sweet! Love your bracelet!

Kristen Pesnell said...

That is the sweetest post ever!!! After reading about two sentences into it, I started thinking of those love languages, because it does seem so evident which one Emma has:) I know Julia loves the pictures Emma drew her last Friday!