Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve...Part 2

Once we got home the fun began getting ready for Santa and his reindeer!

Ready to put cookies out for Santa.

Bella & Mitchell wanted in the picture. They left Kit Kat's with the crackers and water for them because Emma said they MUST like them because they ate a lot of them while they were here. ;)

One last picture with Bella...

One last picture with Mitchell...

Santa's cookies and milk and Bella and Mitchell's water, crackers and Kit Kat's for later on their way back!

Putting the reindeer food out!

One last picture in front of the tree.

Off to bed we all went and Santa came!!



The Badyrkas said...

love their matching pjs!! Hope yall had a great Christmas.

The bb goal over the door is from Kohls. :)

Kristen Pesnell said...

Love Emma and Brooks' matching pjs! And their little wet heads! So precious! We didn't sprinkle reindeer food this year...just left celery with Santa's cookies! You'll have to tell me what the kids sprinkled in the yard.