Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elfcapades 2011...Night 19 thru 22

I'm sad to see Bella & Mitchell go. It's been a lot of fun seeing what they've done each night (some nights more creative then others) and seeing the kids reactions. It's so cute because if it's a work day and I'm already gone, the first thing I do at night is ask them about them. They get so excited to tell me and Brooks even remembers what they did. I love it. I know next year will be just as fun or possibly even more fun since they'll be a little older but I'm still sad the Christmas season is gone. Like everything else it seems to fly by WAY TOO FAST!

Night 19 they threw all of Brooks' diapers in the floor, and there were a lot of them!

Night 20 they got out the kids foaming bath soap and some toys and took a bubble bath.

Night 21 they got the flour out and made snow angels

Night 22 they replaced a picture of Emma and a picture of Brooks with a picture of themselves since they were leaving that night to go back to the North Pole with Santa. They also left them a bag of starburst (their favorite) with each picture!

They were both SO VERY SAD that they went back with Santa. Emma woke up on Christmas Eve and I told her Santa was coming tonight, she said "no I'm not ready for Christmas, I don't want Bella and Mitchell to leave yet". This comes from the kid that's asked every day since we put our tree up if it was Christmas. Before bed on Christmas Eve she was crying because they were leaving. Broke my heart! Since then Brooks has said "Mitchell...Santa", (meaning Mitchell's with Santa) and he's even whined a few times when I've reminded him he's gone. They really LOVE those elves. Good thing is they'll be back again all too soon! :)


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Kristen Pesnell said...

I love the towel turbans on the elves while they bathe! That's my favorite! Can't wait to see what Bella and Mitchell get into next year!