Wednesday, January 11, 2012

365 Project

I decided to start the 365 Project this year. If you aren't familiar with it you can look at their site. Hopefully I can remember to add them to the blog on a regular basis. I think one of the points behind it is to help you take better pictures and I haven't had the chance to do that yet. All of our pictures to date are from my phone. Maybe I'll get the camera out more and get some better ones soon. Here is what I have so far!

Jan 1 - we enjoyed the beautiful day outside all day and had so much fun

Jan 2 - computer time together that morning. I love how they are both sitting the same!

Jan 3 - Emma wanted a picture of her, Addison and Juliet.

Jan 4 - Chapel time, they love playing their new guitars and singing songs

Jan 5 - Brooks enjoyed being back outside with Nana after a few cold days

Jan 6 - Emma & Roxana at the park

Jan 7 - My flowers they picked for me while we were gone that day

Jan 8 (2 pictures)- We went to eat ice cream after church!! They love going and it was nice enough to sit outside which made it even better.

Jan 9 - Brooks playing daddy's Ipad, he LOVES it!

Jan 10 - Emma made Zoe a "doghouse" while I was at work!


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