Wednesday, January 18, 2012

365 Project...Jan 11-17

More day to day pictures for my 365 Project...

Jan 11 - Emma Bean before school in her cute snowman dress

Jan 12 - Emma & Snowy our snowman I did that was inspired by Pinterest

Jan 13 - Emma playing dress up in my clothes. She's so sassy!

Jan 14 - Emma's princess sand castle she built!

Jan 15 - Brooks getting ready to ride his jeep! Mr. Cool Dude

Jan 16 - This was the pretty sky as we played outside

Jan 17 - Brooks with daddy's "dong" (aka phone) and the computer!! He's just like his daddy and likes all things that have to do with technology! He comes by it honest!

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Jessica said...

Hi there, sweet girl! I emailed you about the chevron. : ) Have a great week!