Monday, January 30, 2012

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Their Share...

Saturday I had the privilege of going to volunteer in Clay, one of the cities hit by the tornadoes last Monday. Ben had helped Wednesday so he said he would watch the kids. That morning I went and met Amy, Amber, my mom and Lee. We were originally planning on going to a church to help there but then ended up at the high school volunteering to go out and clean up. When we got there my first thought was it is total chaos but I have to say it was the most organized chaos I've ever seen. I use the word chaos only because there were SO many people there. It didn't take us long to fill out the form and get the information on where to go. We got there right after 9:00 and the guy dispatching people said he had never seen a response like that before. From 8:00 to 9:00 they had already dispatched over 1800 volunteers. AMAZING!!! They didn't need at that point anymore chainsaws, bulldozers or anything like that. Everything had been cut down that could be until the crews could get in to get it up. At this point they wanted people to go and clean up yards and help homeowners at least have that portion done. We all loaded up and went to find work. We drove through the neighborhood we were working in first to try and decide where to start. It was so overwhelming, we didn't know where to start. We finally just picked the first place we could park and got out and started in that yard. The owner came out a little while after we had started. He had been working till 4:00 that morning and was grateful we were helping. We cleaned up his yard and when we finished we went and cleaned up another yard. It was such a fulfilling morning getting out and knowing we helped and how we helped. We finished up right after lunch and went home. I haven't been that tired in a long time but it was so worth it. Here are some pictures from the day.

This is our "little" pile. I say little because I jumped the gun and took a picture. I didn't even realize how much our pile would grow by the time we were done!

My mom and Lee working

Amber and Amy hard at work!

Our pile that grew by the time we were finished!

This is our other pile, we can't take credit for it like the first one but we did a big dent in it for sure!

Here we are after we were done. Lee didn't want to be in the picture so he took it for us!

It was truly a great experience seeing everyone come together to help others.


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