Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve we decided to have the GNO group over and their kids. We figured why not get together and let the kids play otherwise we'd all be at home. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially Emma and Brooks. Before I post pictures from that though I have to include something Brooks said earlier in the day. I had ran to the store to get some last minute things and Ben took the kids upstairs to clean their rooms. He sent me a video of it and it was too funny. He started cleaning Brooks' room and said Brooks clean your room, he said "can't back hurting", Ben said why, he said "back hurting" Ben said oh you can't clean your room because your back is hurting and Brooks said "yea". It was the funniest thing!! I'm sure he got his back hurting from me because I had taken the outdoor decorations down the day before by myself and my back had been bothering me and I'm sure I made a comment about it! I just had to share so we wouldn't forget!

On to that night here are some pictures of the fun.

Pizza time (from far left, it's Jacob, Emma, Brooks, Lucy & Olivia...Mylee, Braegan, and Colyn were too busy to sit and eat)

My precious babies...Emma was so excited we were having a "party" I think she thought it was all for her!

Emma & Lucy riding bikes in the garage

Our attempt at a group picture...not too bad!

Sparkler time...

And we can't forget baby Alex! He was so content and happy, although he did get a little upset about being confined so he got out and joined the fun!

We had a great time and the kids played hard. We might just make this an every New Year's Eve tradition!

P.S. I started this post back on the 5th and finally have gotten around to finishing it! Better late then never!


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