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January 23, 2012

This past Monday morning we had bad weather hit. They had been talking about the weather getting bad but we hadn't paid too much attention. I say that because we don't watch the local news much. I have The Weather Channel app on my phone and I tend to look at the weather on there and by that I mean the forecast and radar (if it's raining) and that's it. I feel pretty certain I won't only look there anymore after Monday. Ben went to buy groceries late Sunday afternoon and he commented that a lady said she wasn't buying a lot because they said we were going to have 85 mph winds that night and after the storms in April she wasn't taking any chances of it being wasted. At that point I should have probably checked the weather but I didn't. That night we all went to bed and about 11:45 Emma came to get in the bed with me and Ben. I was completely unaware of this till I woke up at 2:30. I heard the wind picking up outside and went to check on Ben and Brooks. Brooks had slept with Emma that night and when she came downstairs Ben went upstairs so Brooks wouldn't wake up startled. I decided to lay back down and was almost alseep when the weather radio went off. It woke Emma up and I assured her everything was ok. I went and told Ben to be ready to come downstairs. At this point it was 2:45 and I was freaking out. I had the tv on and as soon as the siren went off which was right after 3:00 I got Ben and Brooks and they came downstairs. We didn't immediately go to the basement, instead we waited to see what was going on. When they said it was headed straight for where we live and to take cover immediately we headed downstairs. Not long after we got downstairs our power went out. Right after 4:00 we knew it was safe to go back upstairs. Ben, Emma, and Brooks were able to go back to nerves wouldn't let me. Thankfully we were spared from the devestation again. I don't know if next time we'll be so lucky but I am thanking God right now that we were. I grew up in Center Point where a tornado hit and it's unrecognizable now. The pictures I've seen of it and Clay are heartbreaking. Everything I remember from both places isn't like it was before. The stories of all the people losing everything they have brings tears to my eyes. The story of the 2 people that lost their lives is more then I can bare. Once again, I am humbled and amazed by the genoristy of the people around me. Once again, our city is coming together to help the ones who lost it all. It truly makes my heart smile!! Here are some facts and pictures from the tornadoes that came through early Monday morning.

- There were at least 10 tornadoes to touch down across Alabama.
- The strongest 2 were considered EF3 tornadoes with winds between 136 mph and 165 mph
- The first tornado touched down at 2:42 a.m. with the last one being at 7:48 a.m.
- There were 2 fatalities

These pictures came from the ABC 33/40 website. One blogger said it best about the picture of the bible...Though the destruction is great, our hope is greater!

Wednesday, I sent an email to Ben about Clayridge Church needing male volunteers immediately. He wasn't able to go help right then but called the lady when he could. She informed him they were in desperate need of food. They had food ready to go to Center Point and the families from the Pilgrim's Rest subdivision came and needed the food so they gave it to them and were collecting more to take to Center Point. In a matter of minutes, Ben was able to round up 150 hot dogs, 150 bags of chips and 150 bottles of water. He got various business to donate it and then he picked it up and took it to Center Point with the lady from the church and started handing it out. I was so proud of him for taking the time to do that.

There are so many people taking items and volunteers to help. If you are interested in helping here are a few places you can look at and call.

- Christian Service Mission
- Northpark Baptist Church
- Clayridge

Though the destruction is great, our hope is greater!


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