Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Little Princess...

I finally remembered to get the pictures off the camera. Here are just a few cute pictures of our little princess!

Here are a few pictures of Emma dancing while watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars. We don't normally watch it but when we were flipping through the channels and she started dancing we ended up watching the whole thing. It was too cute! I wish I had it on video.

We saw a backpack this weekend at a birthday party (for a boy) we went too and I loved it. Emma starts Mother's Day Out in the fall so I went to get her one. I'm glad I went because this was the last one like this one. I'm going to get her name or initials put on it I just haven't decided which yet so I didn't do it. She LOVES her backpack and has been carrying it around ever since. She looks like such a big girl!!

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from our weekend. There are several good ones!!

Happy Wednesday!


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Beachbumaw said...

These are ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the pigtails!!!