Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Most men don't read blogs but I did want to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day. Friday when I was off me and Emma went to get Ben's Father's Day gift. He'd been saying he wanted some nice flip flops (all he wears are Teva's) to wear. I told her we were going to the store to get daddy a prize for Father's Day and of course went into detail about it all. This of course was assuming she'd forget it all, boy was I wrong. She talked about Father's Day all day Friday to the point where I just knew his gift wouldn't make it till Sunday. She did so good Friday night though and didn't mention it so I thought she was finished talking about it. We went to the lake bright and early Saturday morning and stayed till later Saturday night, still no mention of it. When we get home we are putting her to bed and Ben said tomorrow is daddy's day. She didn't say anything and I just said that's not how she knows it (you know with a 2 year old you have to be precise and I had been calling it Father's Day) so he said tomorrow is Father's Day. She then said "got you new flip flops daddy". We both laughed, I actually was crying I was laughing so hard. Needless to say she doesn't forget a thing! He said that's ok, I'll act surprised in the morning. Morning comes and we get her up and I tell her it's Father's Day and to take the present to daddy which she did but when she handed it to him she said again "got you new flip flops daddy"!! We laughed again!! It's amazing the memory of a 2 year old! So I just thought I'd share our Father's Day story for you!



Amy said...

Too funny!

rCl said...

i found your blog through Amber! your daughter is precious! congrats on #2!!!