Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's a BIG day...

Today one of my very best friends is having her 2nd baby girl! Shannon is at the hospital now as we speak and I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting a call saying she's here or progressing even. I hope she comes quickly and I hope there is as little pain as there can be for Shannon. Once I get to see Miss Henley I'll have pictures to share. Say a prayer for everything to go smooth and both Shannon and Henley to be perfect during it all.

This weekend was a busy weekend, I went to Kids Market Saturday for the contributor sale and racked up on some good stuff for Emma and Brooks. I left with a LOT of stuff and could have bought a lot more. I think I went through my stack 3 times trying to condense it and then only left with half of what I picked up. It was definitely worth the time I spent there. It opened to the public yesterday and runs for 2 weeks so if your in Birmingham you should definitely check it out.

Also this weekend I was working on stuff for Emma and Brooks. Here are just a few of things I managed to get done.

Emma's isn't done, she will have hot pink pants with the zebra ruffle and a cute zebra bow, I just haven't gotten that far.

We went to eat at the Antique Mall Sunday. For everyone in the area you know what I'm talking about. For those of you not, it's a nursing home turned antique mall with a cafe in it. For the longest time I have to admit I've turned my nose up at it, I guess it was the fact that it was a nursing home before, but after going on Sunday I could kick myself for not going before. It was EXCELLENT. We will definitely be going back! If you haven't tried it you should.

Last night was our 2nd dance class and Emma did really good. She walked in and sat down with the other girls and we made the mistake of staying too long and then she wanted us and cried a little but the teacher said as soon as they started singing she stopped and joined in. She also told us that she actually was trying some of the hands and feet moves they were doing last night so she thinks it's a matter of time before she'll fully come out of her shell. So we'll be back next week to try it again. They have been so nice and have not made us pay anything yet, she said to give it a few more lessons and we'd see how she was doing. Emma came out of the class with a huge grin on her face and ran straight to us. She said she had fun, told her teacher bye and we left. When we got in the car we asked if she wanted to go back next week and she said she wanted to go back tomorrow (talking about today) and we laughed. We think she likes it! Time will tell!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Happy Tuesday!!


Mycalee said...

Keep us posted on Shannon! I am so glad Emma is enjoying dance. I bet she looks so adorable! You are becoming soooo talented. You have got to teach me how to do this stuff!

Beachbumaw said...

Give my congrats to Shannon!!!

Look at you making all of those adorable things. Are you taking orders? ;)

There is a new consignment shop / boutique on 280. Went this weekend and racked up for Lucy!!! You should check it out...Wee-Peet Boutique!!!

Amber said...

Those turned out really cute!!

Melissa said...

I love those things you made! Girls got talent! I was thinking about going to Kids Market this weekend actually. I've never been but heard about it. I'm glad Emma is enjoying dance. I bet she looks so cute!

Trina said...

Girl look at you! Great job on those appliques and monograms :)