Monday, September 28, 2009

Emma is SO AMAZING!!

This conversation happened Thursday night and Friday night and I just have to share. Ben was on the screened in porch and Emma walked out with him. Let me preface this with saying she is fascinated with the moon. So here is how the conversation went:

Emma: I see the moon, it's broken

Ben: It sure is honey

Emma: Where is the other piece? (with both hands flipped out asking where, it was so cute)

Ben: It's up there just behind the clouds

Emma: ok

That was Thursday night and she quickly went back to playing.

Friday night while I was gone, she walked back out with him.

Emma: I see the moon, it's broken.

Ben: It sure is.

Emma: You find it.

Emma goes back inside and comes back out with some glue and looks at him and says:

You glue it back together!

How priceless is that! Her knowledge, imagination and innocence is just so TRULY AMAZING to me. I just look at her and think, she's my little girl...ALL MINE and I just love her so much!!

Friday, I had my checkup with my doctor. Brooks' heartbeat sounded great and she said I measured perfect. I was in and out really fast which I like. I go back on the 9th and they will start checking me to see if I'm making any progress on my own. I sure hope I am! It sure is flying by!

I hope you all had a great weekend, we sure did. Friday night was our monthly GNO. We didn't have everyone there and we missed the ones that were absent, Lindy and Mycalee. Hopefully we'll all be back together again in October. Saturday we were going to watch Lucy cheer but the weather was less then desirable so we didn't. But because of that we got a lot of chores done. I didn't think to take a before picture of our dining room but we painted it and it looks so good and so much bigger. I absolutely love it.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures to share from things I've made this weekend and of Emma.

Happy Monday!


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Amber said...

It's amazing how smart they truly are. Jacob amazes me everyday! I can't wait to see the stuff you made.