Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 Weeks

Here is my belly shot for this week. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I should have an update after that. We are also getting to do another 4-D ultrasound because Brooks had his hand across his face the entire time. After it I'll try and scan some pictures to post.

People have asked me if I feel like I'm carrying him different then I did with Emma or if I've been sick more or anything like that. Until this point I would say no I can't really tell a difference. But in the last few weeks I'd have to say I feel like he's much lower then Emma. I know the old wives tale says carry low boy, carry high a girl but until recently I truly couldn't tell a difference. I just remember with Emma feeling like she couldn't be any higher and when I see pictures of me now I'm like he almost looks like he could fall out! LOL!

Here is a picture of Emma posing with Brooks' giraffe. She's so cute, I just love her so much!

Monday night Shannon came over to help me and Amy learn how to monogram on shirts and applique. She is extremely talented and has been willing to show me/us what to do for a while now. I've just FINALLY gotten motivated. I've had my sewing/embroidery machine for 5 years now and just done basic sewing/monogramming. Here is what I was able to learn. The hat she did and we watched so we could see how to do it. But she used my machine so I was able to fully understand everything which helped a LOT. I'm a more visual person on things like this.

Here is the shirt that she started and let me take over so I'd know what to do. Of course I learned plenty, first being, don't take your eyes off of it. I looked up for 2 seconds and it started pulling the shirt. Shannon came to the rescue and was able to show me how to fix it and I was able to go on! Thank goodness! :)

And here is the onesie I did start to finish with Shannon making sure I was doing everything right. It was a little bit more tedious then I thought but well worth the satisfaction when it's done. The fabric used on this is what I'm using to make Emma some ruffle pants and a shirt with an E on it to match him. I'll make him some little matching pants as well I'm sure.

And here is a bib I did last night by myself. It was much easier then a onesie or a shirt and I was going to do a shirt too. But I figured I needed to attempt something easy to make sure I remembered all the steps. Tonight hopefully I'll do something harder! This will go with his onesie. There is actually yellow in the fabric (which is why I chose the yellow bib) however none of the yellow made it on the B. I still think it's cute.

I hope you like them as much as I do! If you haven't seen all the stuff that Shannon does make sure you check out her blog. She sells a lot and it's all so very cute so make sure you check it out. All you have to do is send her a comment and she can show you all she does. Thank you so much Shannon for your help! We'll definitely need it again if your willing to help us!

**Thank you all for the comments about Emma's room!

Happy Wednesday, we're halfway to the end of the week and we have a long weekend. It can't get any better then that! :)


Tiffany said...

Those turned out really cute! Onesies are so hard because they are so small! And def. can't take your eyes off of it!

Amber said...

You look so cute! I love the way everything turned out.

abk1030 said...

I'll tell you again that you look great!!! I love all the clothes. I got a machine for my birthday 3 years ago but have yet to go and pick it out! Mom said she would take me whenever to get one because I am dying to start monogramming and sewing also!

Mycalee said...

Very you have to teach me.

Trina said...

Ah, I'm jealous! I want an embroidery machine but they cost way too much! I can do a satin stitch on mine but that only allows me to outline a letter like on the bib you did. :(

You did a great job tho! :)