Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

I went today for my checkup and a 2nd 4D ultrasound. Brooks was cooperating a little more but like his big sister still had his hand on his face the entire time. It's ok though we got great pictures last time and this time. My actual appointment with my doctor was quite uneventful. I guess because we did the ultrasound and saw everything she didn't feel the need to listen to the heartbeat or measure me, which is fine but she was running super behind and I was on my lunch break so I was a little frustrated with it all. We discussed the flu shot, my office doesn't have it yet. Hopefully they will have it when I go back in 3 weeks, if not I'll get it when our work does them the first of October. And then MOST importantly we talked about when she would induce. As of right now, obviously it could change, Mr. Brooks' arrival will be on November 4 if all goes as planned. So just 2 months from tomorrow (Friday) or 8 weeks and 6 days (I'm not counting down or anything, can't you tell?) we'll get to meet him. How exciting, overwhelming and fun that will be!! It sure is flying by!!!

As for our weekend plans, we'll go to the lake and either watch and/or listen to our Auburn Tigers (WAR EAGLE) play. Sounds like a good weekend to me! Hope you all have a great long weekend!



Amber said...

He'll be here before we know it!! Can't wait for this weekend, but I do have to say...Roll Tide!

Melissa said...

Have a good one and I must say ROLL TIDE as well!

Amy said...


Mycalee said...

Roll Tide! And I cannot believe he is almost here....I swear each of you just told me you were pregnant! Where did the last few months go?