Thursday, September 10, 2009

It felt like Christmas...

Today my diaper bag came in and I went to pick it up after work. I was able to get it from a friend of a friend for half off and I absolutely love it. Here is a picture of it.

I ordered a smaller version in a different print of the diaper bag above but it is backordered. Maybe I can post a picture of it when it comes in.

I ordered this pacifier holder that attaches to the diaper bag or stroller or anything else you might want. I thought it was pretty cool.

I also ordered 2 plain outfits for Brooks but don't have a picture of those to share. I'm actually going to be putting something on them so maybe when I do that I can remember and post them then!

When I got home my new car seat cover came in for him. I was so excited. I had forgotten all about it even though I just ordered it. Here is a picture of it. We put it on when Ben got home and Emma immediately knew it was for Brooks. She said that's for Baby Brooks and I said yes your right. Definitely spruced up my simi-girly carseat so I'm very happy with it. I found it on Ebay finally after searching high and low for quite some time for it. I fell in love with it instantly months ago but it was pricey. Thanks to Ebay I got it half off as well. What a great day! :)

Hope you all have a good weekend! Take a minute to stop and think about all the people who died on September 11th and say a prayer for their families.



Mycalee said...

I love them! They are too cute!

Melissa said...

Cute stuff! I want one! :)

Life as an Amberson said...

Love you blog! The carseat cover is too cute!! :)