Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A lot to catch up on...

First, a congratulations to Lindy from our GNO group. She had her precious baby boy Friday. Wyatt was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 3/4 inches long (I think I have this right) and was so cute. Me, Amber and Mycalee went to visit them Saturday morning. She looked great and he was as cute as can be. I didn't have my camera so I have this picture Amber took of me holding Wyatt.

Here is the onesie I made Saturday morning to take up to her. Thanks Shannon for the suggestion! :)

Speaking of Shannon, I made her this ABC picture for her nursery. I was able to give it to her Friday.

Henley is the next baby we are waiting on and she should be here any day now! She's snug though right now in Shannon's belly and who can blame her! I can't wait to meet her though!

Saturday night we had a couples shower to go to for some friends of ours. We came home and watched the end of the Auburn game, WAR EAGLE, and then I went down stairs to make this shirt.

I promise I won't show everything I make, I'm just still learning everything and so I'm so proud when I do something and I don't screw it up I have to share! Thanks to Shannon for helping me SO MUCH!

Sunday was a pretty low key day! I just did weekly chores and that's about it.

Last night Emma started dance. It went good, better then I thought it would. The teacher said she'd let us know at the end if it was a waste of our time and money and when they got through she said she didn't think it was and to come back next week. We don't get to watch anything but we're outside the door in what they call the mommy room (which Ben just loved). She was so excited on the way but after our parent information was given and we were sent out she wasn't too happy. She quit crying right after we left and did what they told her too. She said she had fun when she got through and said she wanted to go back so we'll go back next Monday to see what she thinks. I tried to get a picture of her but she wasn't having it. Maybe I can next week.

Happy Tuesday to you all! I woke up thinking it was Wednesday, what a bummer! :)


Harper's Mommy said...

Both of your shirts look great! I'm proud of you-you're doing so good. Emma's bird shirt is too cute! I love my ABC painting that you made for Henley! It's already hung on the wall. Hopefully soon she'll quit being stubborn and come on out! Then you'll be next! Can't wait. Glad that dance went good and that Emma liked it.

Amber said...

I love Henley's painting and I love the shirts. You should show everything you make, it's all so cute! I just wish I could do it...maybe after I learn how to sew, LOL! I'm so glad dance went well, she's gonna love it more and more!

rCl said...

love all your stuff your making! I def agree with Amber, show it all! show it off! ;)
Your abc's signs are precious! You can make Cash one! ;) hah! I will send you money!
Glad Emma's dancing class went good!! Have a good Tuesday!

Lyr said...

You made that shirt? Holy, can you make me one for Jayden?!?! You are good!! :)

Life as an Amberson said...

I love your shirts! I hope to get an embroidery machine for Cristmas and I may need to call on you for help! ;0)

Beachbumaw said...

Great job on the shirts...maybe you can teach me...ok nevermind!!!

Mycalee said...

Too cute! Okay, we are officially having a "teach mycalee to sew"GNO party! And I love those paintings. I want one! I may have to copy that for Mylee and Olivia's Room! :)