Wednesday, September 30, 2009

34 Weeks

Today I am 34 weeks, the whole pregnancy has flown by but I truly feel like the last few weeks are moving at warp speed. After doing the nursery I just stopped all together and haven't done anything else. I keep thinking I have till Nov 4th to get it all done but in all actuality he could come before that (do I think so, probably not but you never know). So I think that "official" nesting mode is kicking in and I have a feeling this weekend I'll be doing a lot of stuff to get ready for him. Don't get me wrong I've been nesting for several weeks now but not on things regarding him. :) But I've gotten a LOT done at my house because of it all. Here is my belly picture for this week.

Monday night we had dance again, and this time it didn't go quite so well. Emma was so excited about it as she normally is when I got home Monday but when we got there she started crying (this is normal) but I gave her to the teacher anyway and she quit pretty quick. About 1/2 way through they came out with her and said she needed to go potty. I took her potty and then she started crying again saying she didn't want to go back in. So we left and did what we knew would cheer her up and got ice cream. That made her world a lot better! She said she had fun at dance and wanted to go back so we'll see. She's done so well and when they brought her out they said she was really getting into it but for whatever reason she did not want to go back in. If she doesn't want to go back Monday or we do go back and she doesn't have a good time we're just going to wait till next year and try again. I thought she might be a little young but wanted to try it in case she enjoyed it.

Yesterday at school she had a GREAT DAY!! I was so glad to hear that after last week when her teacher was out. Let's just say it was anything but a great day. Her personality is changing and growing so much and I think it's just due to her being in school 2 days a week. She really loves it and for that it makes me happy!

I don't have any pictures of Emma to share today but I do have 2 pictures of things I made this weekend. I forgot to share Emma's Auburn shirt I did a while ago so hopefully I can get a picture of it to post. This is one I did for my mom.

I also did a Halloween shirt for her as well but my camera died and I didn't get a picture of it. I'm making Emma the same thing so I'll just take a picture of it to share when I do it. Here is a pair of jeans I added a ruffle too. They are so cute and what's better is I got them for $3 at Kids Market. You can't beat that.

They match this shirt I posted before and her Auburn shirt I made her that I talked about earlier.

Now I'll attempt to make a bow to go with that pumpkin shirt and jeans (for this weekend for the pumpkin patch). I made some bows a while ago but never quite mastered it. I'm hoping to figure it out now though for sure.

Hope your all having a great week. We've been so busy at work I'm slap worn out by the end of the day. We just recently moved and we're still getting unpacked and settled. I did so much Monday and Tuesday I physically hurt by the end of the day! I'm hoping today and tomorrow is much better.

Happy Wednesday!


rCl said...

too cute!! Your getting closer and closer, looking at your ticker is 40 something days! that's nothing! it will fly by!!! So exciting!!

hope Emma's next class is better! Glad she likes school, it's amazing how much more they do learn, etc!

love all your projects! So cute!
don't wear yourself too much!!! Have a good Wednesday!

Amber said...

You look so cute, I know you are ready! I love those pants you made Emma!

Life as an Amberson said...

Morgan you look great!! You are on the downward slide! I know you are so excited about meeting your sweet boy. Take time to enjoy this fall weather and relax before baby Brooks comes!! :)

Thanks for the comment about Henry, we're working on getting him to down easier. It's hit and miss but we're sticking with it!