Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This was my 4th Mother's Day to celebrate. I have to say the things my kids make me are far more precious then any store bought gift could ever be. Emma LOVES to make things for people so I couldn't wait to see what all she had in store this year. Here are a few pictures of what they did. I had to serve at church that day so when I got home after them I walked upstairs and saw this...

I had told Ben in passing I'd love to have some of their artwork framed. Emma heard me say that a while back and they bought some frames and she picked out 2 things she did and 2 things Brooks did and had him frame them.
Emma Bean with all the stuff she did (Brooks didn't want his picture taken)

She had my mom take her to the dollar store and she got this cute candle holder and then painted it for me! So creative!

My little cutie pie taking a picture of me taking a picture!
I'm so blessed to be called mom!

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