Saturday, May 12, 2012

Emma's Last Field Trip

I've once again gotten a little behind in posting. I just realized I never posted about our last field trip of the year. Back towards the beginning of April we went to the Children's Theater to see Alice and The Wonderland. This time it was in the big Children's Theater part. Emma had a lot of fun and while it's not one of my favorites I was so thankful to get to go with her. Shannon and Harper rode with us so the girls had a great time going and coming. Here are some pictures from the field trip.

Harper, Roxana, Emma and buddies!

 Group picture of both classes

Kate, Roxana, Harper and Emma doing their train!

After we left we dropped Shannon and Harper back off at their car. We had just enough time to go eat just the 2 of us before picking up Brooks. I sure did enjoy my lunch with this cutie pie!

We went and got Brooks and then headed to get ice cream!

It was definitely a fun day!!


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