Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emma's Dance Recital

A few weeks ago we had Emma's dance recital. It was the same weekend as Mother's Day. Emma did SO GOOD we were so proud of her. She's come so far in her 2 short years of dance. It's amazing! Here are some pictures of the night.

Ready for round 1

Class picture (I think we were missing a few though)

Claire and Emma

Emma walking to the stage

She was so excited on her way out

Emma on stage dancing for their first round

That's a wrap!

Costume change...Brooklyn, Claire, Julia, Emma and Maddie

Me and my little dancer

She's so stinkin cute!!

Lined up for round 2

She's on the front row this time because she was a leader!

Amy and Shirley came to watch her dance (they came last year also and we appreciated it so much)

Trish and Greg (Ben's dad) came out to see her dance as well

Nana and Poppy came and gave her flowers too

Family shot

Nanny (Ben's mom) came as well!

We are so blessed to have family and friends that came out to see her dance at her recital. The entire recital was so very good and we thoroughly enjoyed her 2nd year of dance.


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