Thursday, October 8, 2009

YAY for Thursdays!!

Here are the few pictures I got before our ordeal at the pumpkin patch Sunday. Hopefully we'll make it to another one here in town before the end of October but it looks like this weekend the weather is anything but nice. Yuck!! I'm so tired of rain, not sure about yall! Anyway, I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I'll try and post an update then if there is one!

Here is Emma checking out the stamp on her hand.

I had to get a few pictures at least of her in her shirt and pants I did. I think she looked so cute!! :) I opted not to make the bow and bought it at Homestead Hollow with Shannon and Amber on Saturday. I love that she now wears a ponytail holder in her hair so we can do much BIGGER bows. I LOVE BOWS!! :)

Maybe I can remember to take a picture of the picture I got for Brooks' room from Homestead Hollow this weekend to post. It's super cute too!

Happy Thursday!


Tiffany said...

Her outfit is super cute!

Amber said...

I loved her outfit! And yes you must post the picture for Brooks' room, it is super cute!

Mycalee said...

I love her outfit!!! She is such a doll!