Monday, October 5, 2009

War Eagle

This is from the park Saturday. I don't have any other pictures with me so it's off my phone. I should be back tomorrow with lots of pictures.

We had a great weekend and I hope yall did too. Everything went good except for our trip to the Old Baker Farm Pumpkin Patch which turned in to a complete nightmare. We were running late and decided to take a detour and long story short it would have been faster to go the normal way, but hey you live and learn. My nerves were little shot by the time we got there. The weather had been holding out and they said it shouldn't (key word) start raining till 3 or later so our friends Amber and Ashley had already gotten started so we figured we'd take our chances. We literally walked in, went to the restroom and started towards everything and it started raining. Me and Ben looked at each other and decided we'd see if we could just get a raincheck and go back next weekend since we pretty much missed our friends(as it doesn't say no rainchecks, no refunds). We went back to the gate and they knew we just got there and commented on it and Ben said we'd like to get a raincheck and they said that wasn't possible. He explained he really didn't care about himself but didn't want Emma or myself getting sick right now. They finally told him we could talk to the owners. A man that was up there was nice and took us back to them. The lady gave Ben a hard time and was like well I know yall did just get here (maybe 10 min ago if that) so let me check with my husband. She then came back out and said that was fine she'd just give us a refund (smart move would have been to give us a raincheck and kept our money but whatever). We were like that's great and were ready to go on our way. Then the husband pulls up on his 4wheeler and starts asking if I'm the one wanting a raincheck. I said yes (Ben's still inside waiting on our money) and he is just down right rude to me and tells me didn't I check the weather? Which in turn I said as a matter of fact I did, do you think I would have driven an hour if I thought it was immediately going to start raining? I was pretty mad at this point. He continues to be ugly to me and say things about how they don't do this, etc where I finally tuned him out and when Ben walked up he told the guy your wife took care of it. At that point he drove over to talk to Ben. He told Ben this was a retail business and he couldn't just go around giving refunds where Ben looked at him and said guess what I own a retail business and there are always exceptions. It took us longer going back and forth with those "not so nice" people then it did to get in the place. When we left the man realized I was upset and then tried to play nice. I wanted to tell him to shove it but I was nice and went on my way. So needless to say our experience there was not as great as it was last year and we will NOT be going back to that one. Nor am I going to recommend it to anyone. I felt bad for Emma because she was so excited and all she could talk about was a pumpkin so when we left we went and got her a little pumpkin and told her we'd go to another one this weekend coming up if the weather was nice. Regardless we'll get her that BIG pumpkin she wants! :) Anyway, I just had to share my experience. I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures that we got yesterday and Saturday at the park. Other then that incident it really was such a nice weekend! I hope you all had a great weekend as well!



Amber said...

I'm sorry it turned out so bad, I wish it would have been better for you. Emma looked cute though!

Melissa said...

I hate the Pumpkin Patch turned out like that. I would definitely not go back.. they probably would have heard a few choice words from Zach if that was us. We are going with some friends to the Hayden Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be okay!

rCl said...

that stinks about the patch. we are taking Coen I think this weekend, I hope we enjoy it, they have a big farm type deal here, with petting zoo and what not. This will be our first time!
Love Emma's football shirt! She will make you love the War Eagles! ;)

love the new fall page! where's brooks' name?

Trina said...

Unbelievable! Do people not realize if you let a customer leave with a bad taste in their mouth they probably won't come back!? Seems like the best thing for customer and owner would be a raincheck, win/win. They got their money, ya'll didn't leave with a pumpkin and it's up to you to go back when you can to get it. If you don't, they still got their money. That was really stupid on his part.

I just bought 2 big pumpkins from Publix and we are carving this this weekend.