Wednesday, October 28, 2009

38 Weeks...just 1 more day of work!

Wow, I'm really already at 38 weeks and already looking at my last day of work for a while. When I say this pregnancy has flown by, that's a HUGE understatement. I still remember that Sunday afternoon on March 1st when I took the pregnancy test and it said positive. I remember all the wide range of emotions I had. I was so excited, scared, overwhelmed, shocked, you name it. It was pretty much all the same feelings I had when I took it with Emma. It's a surreal moment that's for sure. I won't get completely sappy this time but I can't say it won't happen before he gets here or after. Like I said lately I've had so much going through my head just trying to process it all is a bit daunting. So moving on, here is my belly picture for this week. I will do another one when I go into the hospital and post it at some point.

Like I said earlier tomorrow is my last day for a while and so my co-workers want to go to lunch and they know my FAVORITE place down here is Newks so we're going to Newks. As they put it, it's my soon to be last real meal. I laughed and agreed because once he comes out boy do I have some shedding to do! :) So I'll go tomorrow and enjoy every bit of my chicken salad sandwich I get knowing I won't get to have them quite so much in less then a week!!

Now I'm going to attempt to wrap up the weekend post I've been doing all week!! Sunday we decided to carve our pumpkins with Emma. She had a good time and we got some cute pictures. Here they are!

Getting ready to help daddy! As you see Papa Bear and Iggy (who is in her arms) have to go everywhere with us like I've said before.

Although she quickly realized to really help she'd have to put Iggy down.

She's checking out just exactly what she's scooping out!

Showing daddy, just where to carve the pumpkin at!

Here she is so excited about the eye!

Miss Hollywood (we had to change pants because we got something on them and she's a bit OCD like her mommy!)

Here she is with Papa Bear, the pumpkin (she told daddy she wanted the eyes to be triangles, the nose to be a circle and him to have 1 specific) and Iggy Pop!

Then she wanted to move and do a picture on the slide!

And here she is with the other pumpkin that says Emma (notice Papa Bear and Iggy)!

Ok I lied, I won't bore you anymore today with pictures and I really will finish up the weekend tomorrow with a few pictures from Boo at the Zoo! Hope you all are having a good Wednesday!



Mycalee said...

She is soooo darn cute! She is getting so big and sassy! :)

Our Little Ones said...

Very cute post!! I cannot believe that your sweet boy is almost here!! I am so excited for y'all!
Miss Emma is so adorable!

Melissa said...

Cute pics! I love the pumpkins and Emma with her bears... she's so precious.

Amber said...

It has flown by, I can't believe little Brooks will be here in a week!! Enjoy your last day at work. Emma is cuta as always.

rachelC said...

you are almost there! Emma's DIVA pic is the best!! framer!
! loved the pumpkin pictures and Papa Bear and Iggy!! =)
Newks is delicious!!! we have one here too, just don't go often! I need to take Matt he's never been! we have a friend that manages the one here in town!

Trina said...

She is too funny. LOL I love how she was so specific with her pumpkin face instructions lol