Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boo at the Zoo!!

We went to Boo at the Zoo Sunday night with Shannon, Blake, Harper and Henley. I don't know if I've mentioned yet but we are so GLAD our friends are back in Birmingham. We love them so much and Emma and Harper haven't missed a beat and I think will be best friends. It's so cute to see them together the more they are around each other on a regular basis the better they do! I didn't get many pictures but here are the ones I did get.

Emma and Kermit (she was too busy checking out everyone around her)

Emma, Kermit and Harper (Harper wasn't too sure about him)

Here we are getting started on the carousel. Shannon and Harper are right next to us if you can make us out! Emma was such a big girl and rode by herself while I stood next to her because me, my belly and her weren't going to fit. Emma and Harper both LOVED it.

Here's Emma waving at daddy! It was moving at this point so it's not the best picture.

She loves her daddy!! Hugging daddy!

This was Ben's attempt at getting her to make a scary face with him!

This was an animal show we saw while waiting on the hayride. I had to get a picture of the snake.

Here is a close up! YUCK!! I'm terrified of snakes and she was right in front of me. After I took it I looked at Ben and told him I was glad I didn't make the snake mad with the flash because he could have easily bitten me.

This is the only shot we got on the hayride with them both.

And here we are 1 more time on the carousel! Emma LOVED it. We'll have to go back soon!

I hope your all having a good day! I'm finally finished wrapping up our weekend. I'll have more pictures to share soon. We went last night to a fall festival with Shannon, Blake, Harper and Henley for them to trick or treat and I know we got lots of cute pictures of them dressed up. I just haven't had a chance to look at them!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update from the doctor!



H2's Mommy said...

We had so much fun with you all last weekend and last night...glad to be back in Birmingham too. Harper has enjoyed being with Emma! They are cute together! Can't wait for Brooks to get here so Henley can have a friend too! :)

rachelC said...

how fun!!!
no mam to the snake ;)
loved all the pictures! can't wait for an update tomorrow! tomorrow! =)

Tiffany said...

Looks like so much fun! It is so neat to see Harper and Emma together...they will be best buddies! =)

Amber said...

Cute pix, I'm glad y'all had fun!

Mycalee said...

Looks like y'all had a blast!! The picture of Ben with his "scary face" was hilarious!

Melissa said...

Glad yall had fun! I'm glad Shannon is back as well!