Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

I'll start with 2 pictures my mom sent me on my phone of Emma playing outside today. They are too cute but then again she's too cute, I could just eat her up! Her teddy bears are her world. It's the sweetest thing ever. We have Papa Bear who we could not live without, Iggy Pop who sleeps with her and has since she was 1 and then we have Mary Kate. She named Papa Bear and Mary Kate and Ben I think named Iggy Pop. I can't remember now. All her animals seem to have names so it's hard to keep up but these are by far her favorites. This is Emma swinging with her baby and Mary Kate swinging next to her. She takes them everywhere you will let her.

Here she is making Mary Kate lunch at her picnic table. She is such a good mommy with them all! :)

As for the weekend I was busy getting ready for Amy's baby tea which was at my house on Sunday. I just have 2 pictures from my phone of her diaper cake I made her this weekend and her corsage I made her as well. Hopefully tomorrow I can remember to post a few more pictures of the mom to be and the tea itself. I didn't get that many pictures though because it was at my house I was making sure everyone had everything they needed. I'm sure some of the other people that helped out got more then I did and hopefully Amy will post some for us all to see.

Friday me and my mom got out to get the food for Sunday. We were gone ALL day. Then Friday night was GNO at Amy's house. It was fun as it always is but it's so much more low key these days with 3 of us pregnant. I was home at 10 which is a record time for me even being pregnant when it's GNO. Saturday I cleaned my house from top to bottom then realized I had forgotten a few things for Sunday (how I'm not sure after being gone getting stuff all day Friday) I'll blame it on my pregnancy brain and had to get back out late Sat afternoon. Sat night is when I made the diaper cake and Amy and her mom's corsages. Here they are.

Sock Corsage

Diaper Cake

Remember all the pictures today are from my phone so that's why they may not be the best quality! I think the tea went really well, we had a great turnout and she got a lot of great stuff. By the time I cleaned up from that (with much help from everyone who hosted) and everyone left I was slap exhausted. Needless to say my bags nor Brooks' bags are packed yet and my laundry from the weekend isn't done. But that's ok, I'll get to it all this week! I think anyway! :) So I hope you all had a good weekend. I hope to spend lots of quality time with Emma this weekend and next before Brooks makes his big debut. As Ben said last night its like waiting on Christmas!

Happy Monday to you all!



rachelC said...

she's a doll and going to be the best big sister!!! =)
you did have a busy weekend!!! man two more weeks!! I know your ready!!
have a good week! hope you get all your laundry done and get those bags packed =)

Melissa said...

Good job on the crosage and diaper cake! Emma is so precious! I love her naming her bears! Hate I missed the tea. Can't wait to see the pics!

Lyr said...

That first picture is too cute! I love when kids are attached to things like that. Jayden can't be without his "B"! :)