Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Honest Scrap - Blog Award

Let me preface this with saying after completely finishing this post, which took me some time, it is a long one. So I was awarded my very first blog award and I want to say thank you to Lyryn from Breaking Through who gave me this award. I never in a million years thought when I started writing this blog that people that didn't know me would be interested in my life and so I was pleasantly surprised when I started getting comments from bloggers I didn't know. Friends of mine had started blogs long before mine and I had been reading blogs long before I started mine but never got what was so big about writing your own. Now I can say it is a great way to journal about your life, your kids, etc and to meet new people which I have now done through the blogging world. So the moral of that story is if your reading and haven't started a blog yet I think you should and if your reading and haven't left a comment to me before and I don't know you please do.

I now have to pass it on to 4 people, but I'm going to pass it on to 7 because it's my blog and I can and there are no rules that say I only have to do 4! (I know I cheated and honestly I want to give it to everyone I read because I wouldn't read their blogs if they weren't good). I even gave reasons as to why I chose these people so you could see I just couldn't not share the award with them too!

Ashley at Wheeler-isms, I literally laugh out loud every time I read her blog.
Amber at Bamber's Blessings, we made a pact to start blogging together. She was afraid she wouldn't have anything to blog about (as was I) but when you have a 2 year old and pregnant with another how is there not something to talk about!
RCL at Soon to be the 4 C's, she's the first one, along with Lyryn who left me the award, to leave me a comment that I didn't know and I now enjoy talking to her through our blogs and emails when we get a chance.
Heather at The Abston Family, this is also a really good friend of mine, who insisted I start a blog after she did as well.
Shannon at The Boland Family, She is also one that insisted almost 2 years ago I start a blog when she did. Hey nothing like getting on the blogging wagon if even a little late.
Amy at The Banaszeks, I'm giving this award to her in hopes that maybe she'll start blogging more! :) I love you Amy! But I know you have plenty to share with us even if it is just a belly photo once a week!
Kara at The Oliver's Journey, this is one of my friends sisters (although I think it's safe to say Kara is a friend of mine too even though I only know her because of her sister) and she is fixing to start IVF, or has actually officially started the process, and to me you just can never have too many people praying for you. Kara, I hope you don't mind me sharing your blog! She is sharing every detail of her experience with us through her blog and everytime she posts I'm just sitting in awe reading everything she's going through and wishing I could make it all go away for her.

Now to accept this award I have to post 10 things about myself you may not know. I think this was really difficult because most everyone that reads my blog knows me personally. So you might know these things but I'm trying to think like everyone reading doesn't know me so I could come up with 10 things!

1. I do not eat seafood of any kind whatsoever! My mom didn't like it and so we never had it growing up but then when my dad would get it, it just never looked good so I had no desire to try it. I guess when I was adult I decided to be brave and try some stuff off of others plates but to this day I still haven't found anything good enough that would make me want to order any type of seafood while I'm out at a restaurant. I know most of you probably think I'm NUTS!!

2. The entire time I was growing up I always wanted to be a lawyer. I said all through elementary school and high school that's what I wanted to do. After high school when I was in college I decided the best way to get my feet wet was to work for one. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there however it made me realize I DID NOT want to be a lawyer! Probably a good thing because I don't know if I would have ever had the patience to go through law school!

3. I've had braces twice! Yes you heard that correctly. Well only on my bottom teeth twice. I got them on top and bottom when I was 14 and didn't have to wear them long. I was good at first about wearing my retainer then quit (obviously way too soon) and my bottom teeth slowly over time went right back to the way they were before. So the year before I got pregnant with Emma I decided I wanted them fixed and had to get them on the bottom all over again. I now have a permanent retainer and hope to NEVER have braces again.

4. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an EXTREME germaphobe! However, after having Emma it has gotten much worse. I feel like it's a good thing to be cautious but there are times (like on vacation when we're staying somewhere other then our house) when I feel like it's a black cloud hanging over me. Maybe it will ease up with time. If not I think anxiety medicine might do the trick! :)

5. I am religious about going to the gym. It does get a little relaxed in the summer but me, my mom and my friend Amy have been working out 3 to 4 times a week for 10 years now. That's a long time and we always meet right after work at the gym during the week. I hadn't realized it had been that long till just now.

6. I have been to St. Lucia, Jamaica, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Washington DC and Baltimore (besides the beaches here in AL and FL) and I still think by far my favorite of all is Jamaica. Las Vegas and New York are both tied for 2nd. If you haven't been to any of these places before they are all amazing but if I had to recommend just 1 it would be Jamaica.

7. I LOVE TO SHOP!!! I don't think any explanation is needed there. I don't even have to be going out to get anything particular but could easily shop all day. I just love it!

8. My cousin who is 9 (I think, I'm horrible at ages of everyone) is also named Morgan. I'm named after my great grandmother and so my uncle decided he wanted to use it since it was a family name as well. I still to this day find it strange but hey to each their own. Needless to say my grandparents refer to me as Morgan #1 or Big Morgan and her as Morgan #2 or Little Morgan.

9. I only paid $100 for my wedding dress! I wish I had a picture to post with it. That was only 6 years ago however, there are no digital prints of our wedding day. Maybe one day I can remember to scan it in and post it. But back to the dress, I found it in Auburn when we were down there for a game and when I tried it on I felt like Cinderella which was exactly how I wanted to feel. But the best part about it was it was only $100. I had went in there looking for one that was $800 but by far liked mine better. I'm sure my parents were happy about this as well, they didn't know it but I had just saved them $700.

10. My feet truly did grow a 1/2 a size after having Emma. People told me they would but I was like there is no way. I used to be a 6 1/2 but now I'm pretty much a 7 across the board. I can only wear a 6 1/2 now if it's made big. I sure hope my feet don't grow another 1/2 size with Brooks!

Gosh that was much harder then I thought it would be. If you are still with me, God love you! Like I said though some of you probably know all this. I was just trying to think like no one knew anything about me! :)


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Lyryn said...

Ok… this was great! Loved getting to know more about you! My feet grew too, when I had Jayden. But really… did you only pay $100 for your wedding dress?!?! Oh girl! Lucky!