Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emma is so sweet...

Emma has been talking about "Baby Brooks" (as she calls him) all week because we started painting his room and she's just fascinated watching. So this week Ben told her she could feel mommy's belly and feel Baby Brooks. She tried and we got the camera out and she ran off. So last night we were going upstairs to see what progress Ben had made and she stopped on the steps turned around and put her hand on my belly and said Baby Brooks moving mommy? It was so cute! I don't know how I'm able to fall more and more in love with her everyday but I am. It TRULY amazes me!

The week is finally coming to an end (thank goodness) and I'm thrilled. We have another wedding this weekend so our weekend is consumed with that. I thought I'd post this picture today I forgot when I posted beach pictures before. I love baby feet though!

Happy Thursday!


Lyryn said...

This is so CUTE! Oh, I can't wait for that! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Lyryn said...

Oh... I forgot! I left you something on my blog!! :)